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Preet's Perverted Peek

Preet The Pervert

BankruptcyMisconduct asks that you pardon our bold, though sadly relevant, depiction of Bharara's disgusting hypocrisy. Please, just read this page to understand the blatant absurdity of Preet's minimum wage dispute inspired strip search, when his reign at the DOJ has protected every guilty Wall Street banker responsible for our financial crisis - causing the largest taxpayer funded bailout in the history of the world.

The body of a woman is not as important as the political ambition of Preet Bharara

It takes a dirty prosecutor to play like a dirty politician, to select only those alleged "criminals" which he deems will advance his career. Preet has done worse than "merely" violate the dignity of Devyani Khobragade, a foreign national and Diplomat, for a trivial matter, even if the minimum wage dispute allegation is true.

eToys fraud on the court evidence sent to Preet Bharara
Why does a U.S. banking official involved in the collapse of a banking institution get your blessing for a lie to you, when a foreign national diplomat get's cavity searched for an alleged false statement to you over a minimum wage dispute?

Drawing more attention to his own perversion, Preet Protests by way of an unconventional press release that Devyani was afforded "courtesies well beyond what other defendants" receive. This self serving attempt to hide his own perversion is frivolous and speciously devious; blatantly so to anyone familiar with the U.S. justice system. The fact is that Bharara could have instigated a prosecution of Devyani without a prior arrest. At a minimum, Bharara could have avoided transferring Dr. Khobragade to U.S. Marshal custody for a length of time that would force "customary" anal and vaginal penetration. There are scores of connected officials, and organized crime members, for whom rare prosecutions (often lame and predestined to fail) never involve body cavity assaults. Truth is that Preet Bharara had to go out of his way to get Devyani violated via an extended custody. The U.S. Marshal Service has no authority to select persons for arrest, they merely carry out orders from judges and prosecutors under specific written guidelines.

Truth is that Devyani Khobragade was subjected to sexually abusive body cavity searches only because Preet Bharara selected the specific options and timing necessary to cause the U.S. Marshals to undertake the body cavities search.

Preet Bharara knowingly, willfully, with forethought, through an abuse of his office under Color Of Law : arranged for the sexual assault upon Dr. Khobragade. Bharara did so while knowing that the alleged offense related to a minimum wage dispute involving a foreign national working for a foreign diplomat, providing child care services to the diplomat so that she could perform her duties protected by immunity. Bharara chose the harshest of treatments to befall a diplomat, who was still presumed innocent, for the smallest of issues, for reasons that can only be deemed self serving and political.

Preet Bharara is pulling quite a Spitzer, following the modus operandi of the corrupt prosecutor "to the T". Just as Eliot Spitzer harrassed many innocent persons and businesses by corruptly using the solemn power of his office to engage in frivolous prosecutions and suits, while unethically leaking, smearing, and co-opting a crony media - We see Preet the Pretender doing the same thing.

It's the hipocrisy, Stupid!
- James Carville

Preet aplogizes for Wall Street Banking crooks by absurdly claiming "Every lie is not a crime" even as he assaults Ms. Khobragade for having the audacity to be of wealth and influence from a country which Preet evidently appears to hold a bitter grudge against. Then again, Preet may be just a little more sly and his pursuit of Ms. Khobrargade might have been a coolly calculated ploy to distract the public from his failed record against entrenched wall street. Not the isolated hedge fund manager here and there, whose investment operations are merely a zero sum game.

BankruptcyMisconduct is talking about the financial behemoths whose years and years of violations of Sarbanes-Oxley provisions, false sworn statements of the sufficiency of accounting procedures and systems, as to the truth of financial reporting, and so forth have been proven to be lies. The Nation was plunged into financial collapse, trillions of dollars spend in the "Stimulus", and the financial crooks are only making more money. Preet Bharara continues to ignore these financial titan crooks, while he picks on the little guy (and gal).

It's called Show Business and sadly that is what "justice" in the U.S. has become. Traitorous lawyer scum who happen to work for the federal Department Of Justice or a State Attorney General happen to be mole bitches working for organized crime. Prosecutorial Discretion has become legal tender for dirty people like Preet Bharara to trade with.

Preet's prosecutorial perversions are catching up with him, his sloppiness even drawing criticism from judges.

Federal Judge Chides Bharara for Tabloid Press Operation
as reported by the Wall Street Journal

What are you going to do when the peak of the financial collapse happens? Decades of corrupt administration of our laws will result in nothing better. At least until then, you can enjoy the dirty show, which Preet Bharara admits he knowingly instigated:

Preet The Prevert

Preet The Pervert Bharara arranges for the body cavity invasion of an attractive wealthy woman from the country of his parents, the kind of thing he obviously has never done on his own and now holds a dirty fetish for it. But don't take our word for it, read Preet Bharara's own dirty admission of scienter:

It is true that she was fully searched by a female Deputy Marshal -- in a private setting -- when she was brought into the U.S. Marshals custody, but this is standard practice for every defendant, rich or poor, American or not, in order to make sure that no prisoner keeps anything on his person that could harm anyone, including himself. This is in the interests of everyone s safety.

Preet Bharara's role model in the invasion of body cavities is a Police Officer whom he met at a bath house down the shore named Michael Vagnini. Preet grew quite fond of Vagnini (yes, that's the correct spelling) for repeatedly shoving his ungloved fingers into the anus of countless black males. This is law enforcement - if you can't stand the Preet, get out of the bathroom. Preet revels in the sense of power and purpose, the strength and superiority that he feels when a non-white person is forced under Color Of Law to "take it". You have to remember two things in particular. Preet Bharara 1) believes that his hard work becoming a proud Valedictorian and subsequent "honors" justifies his current belief that he is no longer "non-white", and 2) all the suffering he felt studying to be a Valedictorian and such other honors unfairly damaged his ability to meet people to whom he is genuinely sexually attracted to, and thus society should accept his "unconventional" sexual perversions as a package deal with an overall benefit to society.

Oh Preet, you poor troubled pervert. You admit that you knew she'd be poked and prodded, that a butch sister in corruption of yours would violate her. All we have to "wonder" is if she'd have been violated is she was affiliated with the Spitzer Crime Family, or the Wall Street Banking crooks. And one more thing Preet, please do another public statement and explain the outrageously obvious inconsistency. And we can't wait for the main stream media to ask Bharara: "Why does a U.S. banking official involved in the collapse of a banking institution get your blessing for a lie to you, when a foreign national diplomat get's cavity searched for an alleged false statement to you over a minimum wage dispute?"