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MoFo Halloween

Happy Halloween 2023 MoFo's!

BankruptcyMisconduct.com celebrates Morrison Foerster's Hypocrisy Halloween with some awesome Art:


If he brings in money to dirty #BigLaw, he's OK cause #Diversity sometimes means embrassing Spouse Abuse


Judge James Peck, Tessa Schwartz and Harvey Weinstein have no shame in their 3 way.

Jeffrey Epstein was involved in fresher "practise areas" with the MoFo's of Frisco's favorite conflict traffickers.

Tessa Schwartz with Harvey Weinstein and Judge James Peck in an Evil Pose

Tessa Schwartz shows that your favorite skinny little Succubus acts with the brightest of #WhitePrivilege

Abusers of Women who profited by enablers Weinstein - Judge Peck moneyto dirty BigLaw - he is OK cause Diversity sometimes means embrassing Spouse Abuse

What difference, if any, is there between Judge James Peck and Harvey Weinstein? They both got away with abusing women in New York State under the corrupt, favor trading, crooked politician dynasty we sadly know as Cuomo

Like a Lunatic on a DemiseWish - Larren Nashelsky tears up Morrison Foerster firm Brand Equity

What's in a Name, Larry?