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Judge Lippmann

Judge Jonathan Lippmann

is devoted to our readers, with our special kind of coverage of issues related to corruption in bankruptcy courts, and the related industries which feed at their unsightly troughs.  So you may ask, why would a Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals be featured on this site?  Well, firstly ... thanks for asking.  It is imperative that readers like you ask the important questions - because the effectiveness of this site depends on interested and concerned citizens, untainted officials, and mainstream media folk to get involved so that our nation can be saved from the financial collapse which will eventually result from the Neo-Mafia's stranglehold on what has sadly become the "justice industry".

We learned of Judge Lippman during our continuing research of one of our Favorite Federal Underachiever prosecutors named Preet Bharara. You see, we found the complaint against Judge Lippmann, which is reprinted below, on a website called judgejonathanlippman.blogspot.com

Obviously, we don't have any firsthand information about Jonathan Lippmann or the allegations against him.   But we must say that we are impressed with the work accomplished by Mr. William Galison in developing the compaint. Mr. Galison is motivated by the memory of a Chinese American by the name of Sunny Sheu who was "coincidentally" murdered shortly after Sheu's attempts to expose what he believed to be corruption in the New York courts.

BankruptcyMisconduct firmly believes that our court systems have been deeply infiltrated by corruption - de facto organized crime.  We understand why Mr. Galison reached out to Preet Bharara, but we are certainly not optimistic that Bharara would get any results fighting corruption.  Bharara is too busy arranging for foreign national diplomats to have their vaginal and anal cavities probed against their will, his so-called justification being the alleged crime of telling lies related to a minimum wage dispute.  And we have a full page here dedicated to Preet's Epic Punts : quite a list of crimes and criminals which Preet Bharara seems unwilling to prosecute, or even investigate.

The complaint is reproduced below, but you can download your own copy for free from our downloads section here on BankruptcyMisconduct.com

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