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Gary J. Rotella

So many dirty lawyers in this banana republic, might as well talk about one in Florida. Here is Gary J. Rotella, with a clip from his web page. BankruptcyMisconduct readers have seen this name before, specifically involved with some of the lunacy of Judge Paul G. Hyman (himself quite sadly featured in more than one case.)

Martindale-Hubbell is the Bible, if your looking for "Someone Special"

Rotella Law, P.A.

Of course, the clients of whore houses in Nevada are also looking for "someone special", so you might need to take a law firm rating with a grain of horse manure.

Lawyers like to say that every client deserves a zealous representation, yada yada yada. So perhaps we are not supposed to be miffed that it seems Gary J. Rotella represented a convicted felon by the name of James F. Walker (USBC S FL 03-32158-PGH) who had stolen money from his own elderly client. We at BankruptcyMisconduct are always pissed off by conflict of interest, so it really caught our attention that Gary J. Rotella had allegedly received a 50% interest in a Cat Cay mansion which felon Walker tried to hide from his elderly client as she was attempting to execute a judgment.

If Gary J. Rotella was able to assist Walker in his evasion of judgment held by the victimized elderly client, does that make Rotella a "good" lawyer?

The biggest problem we have is the federal disclosure rules, and we can't comprehend how Rotella could have received the 50% interest in manner that wasn't a violation of rules, ethics, and voidable. Of course, the attorney for the elderly client was none other than Mary Alice Gwynn, who decided to become a lawyer after witnessing too much victimization of elderly women while working as a Registered Nurse. Famous women across the country like Sandra Fluke, Hilary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and Martha Stewart should be rallying to herald the genuinely pro-woman hard work of Ms. Gwynn, work that was beyond the reach of politics, risky, and at great personal loss. Why doesn't The View case when a woman lawyer risks her career to protect a woman victim? Maybe it's just a matter of time.

Read some free downloads about Gary J. Rotella's role drafting orders for a dirty bankruptcy judge, relying upon mind reading. (Never mind legal convention about never incorporating elements of an order that the judge did not clearly state).

Do we think that Gary J. Rotella is just as dirty as his client James F. Walker? How about dirtier?

The following web clip comes from mugshots.local10.com and to our untrained eye, looks to be the very same Gary J. Rotella and in great spirits, too boot!

Gary Joeseph Rotella mugshot