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Howard Marks

Being Howard Marks is like Being John Malcovich with Neither Talent nor Sense Of Humor

Jeff Epstein hanging with Bruce Karsh of Oaktree Capital at Howard Marks apartment

The Publicity Sage of
Oaktree Capital

Readers of BankruptcyMisconduct know that Hedge Funds oft game the playing fields of our Federal Bankruptcy Courts like poker sharks in the saloons of the olde wild west. The rules are for others when conflict of interest becomes a tool to employ ambitious lawyers. And if our DOJ was something more than a minor league for #BigLaw where run of the mill Fed lawyers mark time until their revolving door retirement multiplier kicks in, notable exception being family relations already employed, etcetera and so forth...

Bill Nye has come out in support of the New Green Deal and may lead us to quick and easy funding for it

So much to say about the fund captain who blatantly employs lawyers committing #ConflictFraud. Let's put a #Spotlight on Howard's willful employment of counsel involved with Pedophilia rings. All we know for sure at this point is that Howard is on the money side of the dirty lawyers.

Howard, why can't you just focus on the money while avoiding the #Stigma of those Dirty #Biglaw lawyers?

Trust us, there is much more to come!