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New Green Deal

Hedge Fund Forfeitures to pay for the New Green Deal

How are we going to pay for the New Green Deal now that Joe Biden is POTUS and AOC is now really able to help steer the course of the Nation? Well it's easy, just leverage the RICO laws and enforce forfeiture upon all of the Hedge Funds which grew on ill gotten gains by employing BigLaw firms engaged in wilful and knowing Conflict Of Interest fraud, Insider Trading, and their other favorite crooked schemes.  So many Billions TRILLIONS and sooo easy to get it.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is thinking about using RICO Forture provisions against American Hedge Funds and their crooked BigLaw firms

It's black & white law, so Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can just direct law enforcement to take it all first.

How many of the crimes reasonably presumed commited by Silver Point Capital fall under the RICO statute

Sure, they could appeal.  With what money? The investors would do better focusing their lawsuits on the hedge fund managers, BigLaw firms & the insurance companies.  You can't fight city hall, and Federal Government is about 1,000 times worse.  Just ask General Flynn or his son.

Bill Nye has come out in support of the New Green Deal and may lead us to quick and easy funding for it

Bill Nye the Science Guy has come out in favor of the New Green Deal.  And who among us is genuinely surprised, certainly not shocked. But wouldn't the chances for the NGD having a real shot at fruition be transformed into a certainty if all of our crooked politicians 'Just said No' to hedge fund political contributions, and instead forced our "Justice System" to enforce the RICO Laws and confiscate all of their illicitly intertwined dirty money? It's time for AOC and the Democrat party which runs the entire show in Washington DC to take the easy money, and try to do something good with it instead of funding pork projects. Hey Bill, we know where you stand on the politically easy issues, but how about standing up to the crooked Trillion Dolar Hedge Fund Industry?

Maybe Sandra is content with the Silver Lining consolation prize of hours in front of various TV cameras complaining about the lack of New Green Deal funding. Because most every hedge fund is guilty of conflict of interest fraud via their counsel: as principals, accessories and/or misprision.

POTUS Joe Biden is grabbing a really good whiff of the New Green Deal of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The money is there Alexandria, so do you have the heart to fight the good fight with the mindset that failure is NOT an option?