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Goliath's Cullions

Another eMail from Laser Haas stubbornly restokes the smokey fires nipping at the heels of the widespread dirty players in the Bankruptcy Ring woven around eToys. Each party is further connected with a growing list of Feds whose own actions, or inactions, presage quite an interesting Act II. Oh, what a tangled web does conflict weave. Stay tuned...

Brendan R. McGuire faces Careers vs. Honor Choices

Kicking Goliath in the proverbials
(emphasis added)

From:Laser Haas < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
To:[undisclosed recipients]
Date:Sat, Apr 20, 2013 5:07 pm

I was warned - back in 2004 by an email and phone conversation with Henry Heiman (attorney for my company Collateral Logistics Inc [CLI]) - to "back off" or Else.
Then I get another attorney (Michael Weiss) after I put in the Smoking Gun evidence (that did force Paul Traub to confess lying under oath) - and Henry Heisman withdraws.
Then, upon receiving another threat that "people who chase ghosts become one" Michael Weiss puts in his motion to withdraw and I get an offer from Larry Reynolds and his friend Mr. Wetter to go to Vegas on my birthday in 2004 - to look at a $20 million dollar deal from Mr. Assage.
Bizarrely, though the parties KNOW I will not take a bribe and do "deals" quasi;
it turns out that Mr. Assage is a peddler of SWAG (unlicensed goods like Rolex).
The crimes of having so much swag in one place is reported and my daughter is abducted.
Years later, we learn that the U.S. Attorney in Delaware (Colm Connolly), whom I've been trying to give evidence to get Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital indicted - is actually a partner in the cover up of the crimes (where http://www.mnat.com/ and Paul Traub are RICO cohorts to loot the eToys public company for the Sake of their "secret" clients Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital). Colm Connolly was a partner of MNAT. http://www.justice.gov/archive/olp/colmconnollyresume.htm
Robert Alber, an eToys shareholder, joined my efforts against MNAT and Traub Bonacquist & Fox law firm in 2004/2005. The Racketeers confessed to lying under oath, but were not really concerned about me, having the two aces in the hole. One being an MNAT former partner was the U.S. Attorney I was handing the evidence to (Colm Connolly). The other was the guy who dealt himself into the game (Larry Reynolds), who shared my office building during my becoming the fiduciary of eToys.
Later, Larry Reynolds other secret would be revealed - that his real name was Reservitz and he went to prison this time, for 10 years. The time before, he got a pass, as Larry (Reservitz) Reynolds was a partner of Traub/Tom Petters Ponzi, who was able to launder $12 billion while living in Vegas, under Fed investigations - AND - a member of WISTEC (the Witness Protection Program).
Jack Abramoff's self professed partner - Johann Hamerski (from Alaska) - threatened Robert Alber that "people like you who turn down bribes wake up dead".
In 2009 Marty Lackner was dead as a purported suicide. Marty was also a partner of Petters Pon-zi scheme. But he was never indicted - nor his assets seized. Because Marty lackner also had ties to the DOJ, his brother (J. Lackner) is an Asst U.S. Attorney in MN. A place where Paul Traub has never been arrested or indicted. Even though Paul Traub was also a partner of fraudster Marc Dreier.
It is rumored that Paul Traub's files at the DOJ are marked "hands off". This is (in part) due to the fact that Harold Bonacquist (of Traub, Bonacquist & Fox) works for the U.S. Government in Instanbul (where Traub's files are purportedly shielded from subpoena).
In 2007 Laser Haas was informed that the GC of the EOUST was actually Roberta DeAngelis (the girl that Laser had helped removed from the eToys case December 22, 2004). Thus DeAngelis was secretly investigating herself.
Also in 2007, Laser was blessed to receive a copy of the Smoking Gun RESUME proof that Colm Connolly as U.S. Attorney was refusing to investigate/ prosecute MNAT and the clients of MNAT (Goldman Sachs and Bain) - because Colm Connolly was a partner of MNAT from 1999 to August 2001 (the infamous "retroactive" era).
Romney's campaign has confessed that he was CEO of Bain Capital until August 2001.
When the Public Corruption Task Force in Los Angeles was informed of the federal venality - the special unit was Shut Down and career Asst U.S. Attorney's threatened to keep their mouths shut as to the reasons why.
In 2010, Jack Abramoff gets out early and Robert Alber's lifetime friend (Gary Ramsey), who was also c0-owner of their Kingman Arizona home - mysteriously vanishes - never to returm. Then Robert Alber is assaulted by a career criminal and is forced to shoot and kill Michael Sesseyoff.
Anna Schaefer whom Laser pays to move back to MN, suddenly dies of cancer.
Harry A of Delaware also was helping laser and dies of cancer. Harry was putting Laser in contact with 2 other "Jacks" who would help stop the crime and corruption in Delaware.
On New Year's Even, John ("Jack") Wheeler wound up dead in a dump in Delaware. It is ow known that he visited the Nemours building twice before Jack Wheeler died. Wheeler's house was also gone through but nothing taken. Jack Wheeler "files" could have solved the case because Jack Wheeler also worked for 3 President Administrations, was a West Point man, involved in the Vietnam Mermorial and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers).
Jack Wheeler also worked at the SEC.
Laser put out a story to get to the bottom of Jack Wheeler's death. Then, out of the blue, a former federal person came forward as the family attorney for the Wheeler's and offered a $25000 reward for the information to go to that former federal agent instead. That same former federal agent also said "we believe the killer has left the state"
For the man who said such and also had an office at the Nemours building is Colm F Connolly.
Now - Laser Haas is going after Mitt Romney, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital directly. As a result, the perpetrators are becoming concerned. The evidence trail is profuse, overwhelming and irrefutable (being all public records and archives).
The easiest way to solve this problem is to element the messenger holding the inflexible sword of truth.
If you do away with Laser Haas - will the case go away?
Laser Haas does not care if the perpetrators go to jail. He just wants back what was stolen. Organized criminals are in possession of eToys with Barry Gold sitting in Laser's chair.
We are ALL IN on this. Either the crooks give up and give back eToys - where the insurance companies pay for the Breaches of Fiduciary Duties and Goldman Sachs pays a penalty of part of the "Rigging the I.P.O. Game" fraud.
Possibly with Bain Capital being seized for doing a rinse, lather and repeat of the crimes in Stage Stores, The Learing Company, Kay Bee and EToys (where KB and eToys were in Bankruptcy multiple times - but wound up back at Bain Capital under Toys R Us).
Or, the federal corruption will expand and a way to eliminate the problem of Laser Haas will occur.
Laser Haas isn't quitting - that is an item you can never lose a bet on!
The odds are against Haas, who is an amoeba, going forward with kicking Goliaths like Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney in the proverbials.
They crush people as a way of life.
But wouldn't it be wonderful, if just one time, the good side won?