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David Marshall Brown

Blimpie Gets Rich, But Bluto Get's Slaughtered ...

Lead Partner David Marshall Brown Esq Files False Declaration

They say "Big Boys Don't Cry" so maybe David Brown, Esq. won't squeal like a lawyer when he answers the Order To Show Cause as to the Moon Thai & Japanese, Inc., et al. bankruptcy cases.  Ooops, a false declaration in which Big Dave swore he had no connection with the Debtor and all of the parties, but he left out that his firm concurrently represented the principal of the Debtors in a bankruptcy case. Though the string of misconduct extends far beyond the Conflict of Interest related Fraud Upon the Court as it seems the foundation of Brown's Li'l Bankruptcy Racket is just a microcosm of BigLaw's Fake-Justice charade:

A Federal Bankruptcy Judge marvels at the blatant misconduct and lack of shame by David Marshall Brown

They say, particularly bankruptcy lawyers, that 'Size Doesn't Matter'.  So why should little bucket shop bankruptcy buffoons be held to a higher standard than BigLaw crooks?

What is it about the State Of Florida? It's supposed to be "The Sunshine State" and yet there is so much sunlight desperately needed to disinfect the corrupt courts and self regulation charade down there. Barron's Stores, Judge Paul Hyman, the felon James F. Walker represented with fraud on the court by Gary J. Rotella, Esq. , dirty lawyer Lewis B. Freeman, it's like a third world country or something.

And what does the California Bar do? They punish the Whistleblowers who bring the attorney misconduct on Fraud Upon The Court to light!