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Bill Schuette

Important Updates 2014

 What's More Important To Bill Schuette: Pensioners or Bretheren Lawyers?

The dubious notion of

The official stance of the chief lawyer for the State Of Michigan is clear and noble.  Bill Schuette publicly claims that he will defend the pensions, in accordance with the Michigan State Constitution, of the hard working public employees which are at risk in the Detroit Bankruptcy case.

Sadly, readers of BankruptcyMisconduct are all too familiar with the embarrassing gap between the sworn oaths of public officials, and the ugly reality when prosecutorial discretion is abused as part of today's new business paradigms in our dirty legal industry.  Revolving Door government lawyers are the hidden hand  working secretly for the legal industry's quid pro quo money machine - where "Trafficking In Favors" is done for family and profit.

Bill Schuette's Clear Choice

The opportunity to stop the mad rush raid on Detroit's pensions is surprisingly simple, intertwined with Schuette's own obligations under the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct (see Rules 8.3 , 8.5  & 3.3 in particular) as well as his prosecutorial obligations vis a vis  sworn filings before any Michigan court.  Of particular import are pro hac vice and affidavit of disinterestedness filings.   Every document filed by a lawyer bears his signature, and is a sworn document as to the truthfulness of assertions therein.  Case law shows that Lawyers are held to a higher standard than lay persons as to the truthfulness of their fillings, and the knowledge and experience they are assumed to have.  A lawyer may not used trickery, and for certain sworn oaths (such as those related to conflict of interest) the attorney must disclose every possible fact which might be related - the lawyer can not substitute her own judgment as to the relevance of any fact to be disclosed regarding conflict.  She must disclose every possible fact, only other parties may argue as to relevance and appropriateness.  Thus, failing to disclose every fact is itself a fraud upon the court.  Any false document above a lawyer's signature is a fraud upon the court, and carries the stiffest penalties of disgorgement, disbarment, and incarceration, and relegates all matters decided as a result of such frauds as null and void.  Furthermore, a fraud upon the court is not subject to any statute of limitation.  As a long time politician, it should come as no surprise that there would be some detractors of Mr. Schuette.  Readers of BankruptcyMisconduct will have to wait and see if hypocrisy defines the nature of Mr. Schuette's clear cut official respect for the law, and if Bill's stated intention to defend Detroit's Workers is just lip service, or if he is willing to stand up to the ugly notion of professional courtesy when it comes to the deeds of BigLaw firms. 

We can predict that if Bill Schuette does have a history of conflict of interest issues of his own to hide, then he'll just take the easy route of ignoring, and tacitly approving, the conflict of interest issues haunting Jones Day.  If Schuette is sensitive to the clear optics on this, then Jones Day might be answering some really tough questions even now as you read this.
Bill Schuette claims he is fighting for Pensions, but is he doing his job safeguarding the State from dirty lawyers in charge of Detroit?

Deft Artifice - The Story of Detroit's Takeover by Jones Day and its Mole
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Prejudice - The Foundation of the Jones Day "Over Before It's Begun" Playbook

Kevyn Orr was planted like a mole by the dirty law firm known as Jones Day, who have been salivating over their long anticipated engorgement amidst Detroit's financial troubles like un-minded vampires at a Red Cross Blood Drive.  These guys approached Detroit's challenges with their minds made up even before they were hired and its an ugly evil called prejudice.  Jones Day hired a municipal bankruptcy team led by Bruce Bennett, with a known ugly history of favoring big business in the form of secret hedge fund clients over the rights of the little guy.  Dirty lawyers know which side their bread is buttered on, and never fail to take care of their "friends".

You don't have a chance at influencing lawyers who know that you don't have the money or power to hire them in the future, and that is why your pension is now just a poker chip for them to play with.


Your pension never stood a chance with Jones Day, and Bill Schuette must choose between protecting your retirement or protecting the brotherhood of lawyers

As helpless as things may seem for you, there is an incredibly powerful set of laws in place that could remove the swindlers from their position of power over you.  There are strict laws against conflict of interest, the existence of financial ties between lawyers who would pretend to "do the right thing" while they have undisclosed connections to big money speculators.  Fact is, vulture investors have been buying up Detroit's bonds for pennies on the dollar.  And Bruce Bennett, and all the other dirty schmucks at Jones Day understand that their long term careers are best enhanced by arranging for a huge windfall for these speculators, paid for by a raid on your pensions.


Schuette has every right, in fact a responsibility, to investigate any ethical lapse, or crime, by every attorney who does work in the State of Michigan  This certainly includes the lawyers taking charge of the Detroit bankruptcy case.
You might ask yourself this question: "What investigation has Schuette done of these lawyers from Jones Day?"  Clearly, Schuette is not doing his job if he is willing to entrust your pensions to some dirty out of state bankruptcy lawyers without first ensuring that they have always operated above the board.  And there is plenty of publicly disclosed dirt on these guys from SONICblue to Aureal, and the Lord only knows how much additional dirt would be exposed with just a little digging . . .  like ties to hedge funds that have already placed their sinister bets on Detroit's Debt.

Bruce Bennett brings experience to JonesDay, not all of it is proud

Some of our grandparents had total faith in our governments, and would advise us to sit and wait in a situation like this.  But you'll probably have trouble sleeping with that approach given the countless government scandals, crooked banking schemes, and dirty track record of the lawyers who got themselves in control of Detroit right now.
Make Bill Schuette fight so that only "clean lawyers" are in charge of Detroit's money.

Maybe you ought to contact Mr. Schuette, and make him take a stand.  Make Bill Schuette fight so that only "clean lawyers" are in charge of Detroit's bankruptcy.  Make Bill Schuette fight to keep lawyers with any history of hedge fund chicanery out of Michigan, and out of Detroit's business.  It's your right, and it's Schuette's job.  It's your pension and you should not have to trust it to a hedge fund tool.

Duty to Public Workers -OR- Professional Courtesy