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Bruce Bennett

Welcome to our landing page for Bruce Bennett, noted by a Federal Judge for his "insidious campaign to corrupt the administration" of the SONICblue bankruptcy case. Also noted for giving birth to the firm Hennigan Bennett & Dorman. (Which he imploded like a drug blinded rock star, but without the aesthetic talent)

Bruce Bennett must have dropped some serious acid recently, because he has undertaken quite an astounding trip down the road of shameless .... hmmm ... self-promotion is too tame. Bennett is putting himself into the limelight by drawing attention to some of his most shameful moments in his "professional" history.

To be sure, Bruce has some serious legal specific talent and knowledge.  Sadly he also suffers from that too oft found moldering frailty of envy, festering into a reckless greed.  It's just that there Come's a Time when your history of cheating catches up with you. So it's not just the law firm that employs you that is at risk. Every client of Bruce Bennett places themselves at risk even when his services exclude illicit, immoral, or merely conflicted actions. A corporation hires BigLaw to solve problems, not create new problems, not to get themselves placed upon a corruption fighters list. BankruptcyMisconduct talks about the Cloud of Misconduct that can follow a crooked lawyer from firm to firm to firm and asks rhetorically "Why would anyone hire this type of lawyer?"

Here is a table of contents, so to speak, on some fascinating material here on BankruptcyMisconduct related to Bruce Bennett and his Bankruptcy Bamboozlers: