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Jon Corzine

New Item: Memo contradicts Jon Corzine testimony

Who'd have seen this coming? Jon Corzine, sleazy former governor and Goldman Sachs tool, caught in his first "he said / she said" of the MF Global crimes. Make no mistake, BankruptcyMisconduct holds zero doubt that the MF Global story is one of criminal conduct both pre and post bankruptcy petition. Having said this, it is just the sort of case which lends itself to Justice Department corruption, with the quid pro quo abuse of prosecutorial discretion.

Jon Corzine has quite the difficult decision

The first of the documents have been made public. A contemporaneous eMail showing that "Corzine Ordered Funds Moved to JP Morgan" as reported by Bloomberg. While the fact that Corzine not only had knowledge, but ordered the blatant breach of customer funds doesn't surprise anyone who was worked on Wall Street, it sorta deflates the whole plausible deniability thing. For whatever reason, Corzine went "all in" on "I didn't know nuttin'".

Let's consider what Jon Corzine's argument had been

"I was an incompetent CEO of MF Global, and simply didn't know that people who reported to me were engaged in massive blatant theft of customer funds"

Corzine Toys with Bernie Ebbers Defense

Tough argument to make for a Goldman Sachs alum with experience "running" the State Of New Jersey. Poor Corzine... It's not bad enough that Bernie Ebbers tried that sort of absurd argument in WorldCom and lost big time with a guilty verdict on all nine counts that our self-serving DOJ actually bothered to bring.

Who set you up?

We know what Corzine's best laid plan was. His failed intention had actually been to return the stolen funds from moneys anticipated to be won at the Euro Sovereigns Bail-Out Ball. Because Corzine had every reason to believe that the Euro Debt Bet was a sure thing. Sorry Jon, you bet wrong. But come on Jon, you were set up! You would not have bet all that money unless you believed it was a sure thing. You know that. I know that. Everyone at Goldman knows that.

Corzine's Swan Song

Look Jon, it's over as far a politics and business. There is no way you're going to pull a Bill Clinton out of this mess. You're not even going to be able to pull a McGreevey. You are looking at Blagojevich time in prison unless you start working up a deal. And you probably already know that the DOJ is filled with moles and tools, so don't try to deal exclusively with them. You need a PR firm, and you need to reach out to members of Congress in a bi-partisan way.

Cut a deal to expose who you have been "dealing" with. Cut a deal to expose the whole trail of insider info and dirty crookedness in government. Why not?

Do you want wikipedia and kids textbooks to forever associate your likeness with greed? Don't you hear the bastards who set you up laughing? They are laughing at you, those jealous twits took you down. It's time for you to set the record straight, Mr. Corzine.

The public will thank you, and respect you for it. Many of the people will feel for you, side with you, after you let the truth about your SUV "accident" on the Parkway. It is only fair that you will stay free, and still live comfortably. If you rat out the double crossing crooks, you'll come out at the end of the day as the hero.

Let those other S.O.B.'s rue the day they hoped to have the last laugh at you.