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What does Covid-19 have to do with BankruptcyMisconduct.com ?

In the history of the USA, there has never been a greater force that will instigate a domino effect of bankruptcies than the coordinated #Shutdown and prohibitions against commerce, assembly & speech instituted by various government officials. As a reader of this site, you already know we hold no allegiance to fraud, conspiracy, duplicity, sloth or the weaponization of Judicial / Governmental powers. And what a surprise that we would find Andrew Cuomo is the thick of the Pandemic promotion? There is just so much wrong with the Shutdown, where Political Correctness is married to Progressive Politics under the cover of humans greatest weakness: the intersection of fear & herd mentality.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci knows where it all began


Watch This Video, click below to view: Plandemic

Fauci holds four patents because he has dedicated his life to public service

How can a man whose giving global advice for health own a patent in the solution in the vaccine? Isn't that a conflict of interest? at 7:51

Fauci sent million to the Wuhan Virus Lab where Covid19 CoronaVirus was modified before its release, Shi Zhengli NIAID

Why did Obama pay so much money for Gain Of Function research? Who did Fauci ask in the African American community for approval to help fund the creation of new deadly human virus strains made from animal virus like from a bat? Why did a major contributor of content to BankruptcyMisconduct get banned from Twitter for posts showing links between Fauci and Gain Of Function research?


Why does Fake News avoid asking Dr. Anthony Fauci relevant question

Dr. Anthony Fauci knows that big pharma pays the big bucks and it is a two way street there MoFo

Dr. Anthony Fauci knows that to make an omelette - you have to break some eggs. And to create a worldwind of power - you have to screw some truth


There are Lies, Big Lies, and Statistics

Dr. Anthony Fauci always knew that once his narrative took hold in the media - he would likely avoid any serious questions