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Zachary Warren

From Little Acorns Grow some Mighty Oaktrees

To be sure, there are some heads rolling at Dewey LeBoeuf, the once storied firm which failed quite shortly after it swallowed the Poison Pill Bankruptcy Team of Bruce Bennett. Seems that nearly every law biz pundit is adding their heads to their scratching rotation over the incongruous prosecution of BigLaw. As if Ape Shall Never Kill Ape meant nothing!

All you pawn like peers of Zachary Warren take note:

Yours is not to ask the reason why poor Zach now squats upon the tee,
the question you must ponder is - Doth fate salivate for thee?

And of all the prosecutors in the Nation, little Cyrus Vance Junior is purporting to have a pair. This is the prosecutor who couldn't find a single paper trail related to any of the hundreds (or thousands) of confessed Human Kidney smugglings flown in from overseas for a series of multi-million dollar illegal organ transplants for rich Americans, each inextricably intertwined with numerous crimes like insurance fraud involving major NYC medical institutions, doctors, and their lawyers. This is the prosecutor who trembles at the thought of indicting deli meat. But enough on this page about Vance, far be it from BankruptcyMisconduct to instigate discussion as to who or what may have actually sparked the prosecution of Dewey LeBoeuf, as well as the informing by some of the angry insider lawyers within the firm against their bosses. Let us now focus upon little Zachary Warren.

Prosecution of Zachary Warren heats up, even as Supposed Experts Scratch On

In addition to the big charges against the big dogs (sans Citibank and JP Morgan) which contained little Zach, we now have another Indictment specially devoted to Mr. Warren for you to download for free. Boy, this is really going to piss of his Mom (photo montage coming soon, maybe even animated...) So, poor Zachary (his counsels' fees sure doth toll) hoped to separate his prosecution from the big dogs and he filed his Motion By Defendant Zachary Warren For A Severance. (Hey, can anyone send BankruptcyMIsconduct a copy of the Motion To Sever?) The "crack" NYC prosecutors office responded with this opposition which you can also download for free.

Game Theoretic Refutation of Individual Utility Maximization
via Tactical Employment of the 'Stand As A Soldier' Paradigm

What, you never read an academic journal? As if we haven't covered the Susan Uhland Dilemma enough, or pointed out how Smell Kelly's career and lawyering troubles were routed in failures to report on criminal and/or unethical conduct by other lawyers. We make it simple: Your best interest is to rat out the bad guys. If you are the little guy who is protecting one or more powerful lawyers - you may very likely take the fall when it hits the fan ... because the big guys are more powerful and more connected. Your best bet is to set them up for their own fall - which they truly deserve. Remember, the remaining bush grows much quicker once the old branches have been pruned off.
There but for the grace of your crime family relations
- admonishment by Cyrus Vance to some fish not quite as small