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DOJ for sale


The crooked Department of Justice is for sale, by the pound or by the case

Anyway you slice it, it comes up sleezy. The DOJ sells itself, to the 'most incestuous' bidder. BankruptcyMisconduct has long stuck our necks out calling attention to this corruption. To be sure, Smelly Kelly was not the first nor shall she be the last.

Is it just us who see the obvious? Perhaps you should might read Above The Law:

law enforcement priorities are being hijacked by corporate interests

So let's tally the types of treacherous treason:

  • dirty fed help his (or her) relations by abusing prosecutorial discretion to look the other way
    Like when the former SEC enforcement head looked the other way re: her husbands law firm's hedge fund clients
  • dirty fed abuses prosecutorial discretion to attack the competitor of his (or her) relation
    Like when Eliot Spitzer would prosecute only certain prostitution rings
  • dirty fed abuses prosecutorial discretion to ingnore conflict of interest crimes by a racketeering associate
    Too many examples to mention
  • dirty fed unjustly enriches a retired fed by accepting a paid for criminal referral, thereby ignoring more important crime
    Like when cigarette smuggling cases hurt big tobacco profits as detailed here by Matt Kaiser at AboveTheLaw.com
  • dirty fed participate in illicit punitive actions against whistleblowers to organized crime in bankruptcy
    Watch for a Video - coming down the road