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ONDOVA - Table Of Contents

BankruptcyMisconduct seems to have found a new Cause Célèbre and its name is ONDOVA LIMITED COMPANY. It may very well be the eToys o' Texas.  This page is a table of contents listing our new content as it develops re Ondova.  Stay tuned as this page grows with more pages and downloads on this site!

As always, we encourage the reader to independently gather information and form your own opinion.  Having said that, it looks pretty clear to us that we have a crooked Judge taking advantage of a Federal Bankruptcy system with poor oversight to engineer the figurative rape and enslavement of an American Entrepreneur for the financial benefit of his crooked associates in a private practise law firm.

But you'll have to forgive us our propensity to protect the high esteem for which the Citizenry holds our Legal $y$tem.  Far be it for us to call the Emperor Naked.  We'll leave that to the growing numbers of voters, and DOJ computers, who seem keenly interested in reading our pages.  And before we delve further into the growing content on this site related to the Blooming Ondova Onion, we'll just point out once more that a Federal Special Prosecutor could dismantle the corruption which has brought us the modern financial crisis, whilst saving the Treasury and the Dollar via the tremendous powers of the RICO Act to confiscate all monies in any way connected with a racketeering enterprise...

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