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Kelly's Smelly WebSci

Kelly's unsightly turns through the revolving door into the lucrative bankruptcy industry's public disgrace

Kelly Beaudin Stapleton, wife of Pennsylvania Liquor Lawyer Patrick J. Stapleton III, f/k/a Kelly Anne Beaudin, herself formerly a lawyer within the DOJ's "bankruptcy establishment", and now having transcended her public service and bar oaths via tergiversatory emergence through the public service revolving door into the lucrative bankruptcy industry's public face, must now contend with stubborn facts in another of her official cases that exemplifies the systemic failure by government lawyers to clean up corruption.

WebSci will provide academics and new media journalists with a number of choice breaches of public oaths, bankruptcy misconduct, and judicial misconduct deserving of exposure.

We have Chief Judge Rosemary Gambardella who failed to recuse herself in order to maintain a platform to punish a Whistleblower to bankruptcy misconduct / fraud upon the Court.

We have Judge Ronald J. Hedges who violated his oath by embracing blatant logical fallacy in order to protect Judge Gambardella (Additional pages COMING SOON! ) .

We have a collection of lawyers who lied under oath about their secret clients, including an attorney for a bank that was a TARP bailout recipient.


But most of all, we have Smelly Kelly Stapleton. She failed to act on the proof delivered by Mr. Tare.

  • Was Kelly incompetent?
    ... Sadly, it must be worse than that
  • Was Kelly scared?
  • Was Kelly a career minded pragmatist?
  • Was Kelly a mole?