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Pedophile Menendez
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 Martha Raddatz
of ABC News is tied to the emerging media cover-up story of a pedophile, seemingly for political motive
Senator Bob Menendez Pedophilia Cover Up by ABC News Martha Raddatz

Bob Menendez - "Senator Pedophile"

It is January 2013 and the future will reveal much to the American people:  Will partisan politics protect Pedophilia For Hire?

Every so often, there is just the perfect scandal to force the issue onto the public stage.  And the politician who protected bankruptcy rings as he refused to meet with a victim of federal bankruptcy court corruption is getting a Karma sandwich.  As will every person who actively participated or tacitly approved the scheme to cover up the dirty tracks of Senator Pedophile.

Too Many Identified Players For Pandora's Box To Close


The critical mass has been reached on this one.  There Comes A Time when every crime family makes the intelligent business decision and throws one of their own under the bus.

Bob - the secrets out.

Sex with underage girls, and the people listed above are just the first ones who have their names tied to it.  They can't sit on the story any longer!  No control of the mainstream media by organized crime can stop it now.  First we'll have intense internet blogs (Ask Dewey LeBoeuf about the power of the internet), then comedians will make you the joke, then parents of the country will start to get enraged, and before long the main stream media will catch up lest their coverage become question.  By this point, your "Associates" will have long since abandoned you.  It might get as bad for you as a brief case of "Involuntary Suicide".  Or ... you could cut a deal:

Hey Bob, just like those underage girls you paid to have sex with, soon it will be your turn to go down.  Yeah, it's that bad.  Unless you wake up and make your own Uhland Decision to minimize the coming damage to yourself, your assets, and your family.  You're either going to take it like a man, or you need to cut a deal Quick!!!

Wake up Bob.  There are some things that cross the line.   It doesn't matter how you're connected or who you've got dirt on.  You do certain things and it gets out, noone can save you.  Having sex with a child is one of those things.  Doesn't help that you paid for it, and that you traveled outside of the country, and that you did it over and over and over.  Just because the massive corruption web of the Spitzer family got him off of his prostitution and money laundering crimes doesn't mean that the public will stand for pedophilia.  Even the mainstream media is going to sink its teeth into you.  

Your going down.  The only question is how far down.  If you cut a deal and inform on some organized crime, you'll merely be the "former Senator from New Jersey" and you'll  still make millions on a book deal.  But if you don't cut a deal with prosecutors, then the only deals you'll be making will be with your new prison roommates.

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Update:  The Media Is Reporting that ABC is intentionally withholding news - questions and information - regarding the Senator Robert Menendez Underage Prostitution Scandal and Investigation

 FBI can't escape their Scienter of Menendez Pedophilia