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Catharsis Burgeoning

State Bar Association going after lawyers who tacitly approved and enabled government official client to lie under oath.

Love the smell of Napalm in the morning?


"Good Morning Vietnam!"

BankruptcyMisconduct want's to explain this in simple terms. Yes, this is the start of something new.
Lawyers who tacitly supported corrupt officials are now getting punished!

For decades our economy has been harnessed by an Organized Crime Neo-Mafia which enriched themselves at our expense. Most Americans have failed to realize that the largest, most profitable, and most insidious component of organized crime in the U.S. is not merely a few Italian-Americans as depicted in The Godfather and The Sopranos.

The truth, not surprising to those who have witnessed the evil gatekeepers of our "Justice System" first hand, is that large law firms with a few related lawyers in powerful positions at the DOJ, the SEC, along with some corrupt Judges on the bench, represent the greatest threat to our Nation's freedom and existence.

All of the bank robberies at gun point couldn't add up to the fleecing of just one of the banks taken down as a result of the organized crime control of the mortgage bubble. Everyone knows that Lawyers have always mastered the art of lying, and they have always protected each other. In contrast, Martha Stewart and Li'L Kim go to prison for supposedly telling what in comparison are tiny fibs. What is new is that we finally see some new blood, clean blood, at the DOJ going after one of their own. We also see a state bar taking seriously the prohibitions against lawyers aiding their clients in crime, such as in telling lies under oath. Peeps: this is the beginning of a new day!

But look, there are now some clean Feds not willing to merely slap corruption on the wrist. Is it possible that Barack Obama is actually running an administration that won't blindly honor the dubious and furtive tradition of current DOJ employees to grant their alumnae brethren de facto immunity from criminal prosecution once they've entered private practise? Perhaps in the future all DOJ lawyers will have to land private practice jobs based solely on merit?

Those of you dirty lawyers from the Office of the U.S. Trustee should take note. Just like "Denial" - Catharsis ain't just a pig cull in Egypt.

And for the larger family of lawyers who have seen the dirt but said nothing and played along...

The ABA rule requiring you to say something is now in all 50 States, with dirty CA finally climbing aboard. Just because you may have made a private confession to the crimes and misconduct which you witnessed "from afar" will not ensure that you can practise law.

Five Lawyers Fingered in Motown Text Messaging Scandal

Read about it here at NY Lawer:

Translation: All you dirty peeps is going down. It is happening. Think your crimes are safe? Think your long running time in the festering pot of filth won't leave you dirty? Think again.

When the music stops, the bigger partners are going to try to put the blame on you. Cut your deals now, write your memos now, inform the new media... The old media is beholden to your criminal masters, but perhaps you might be safe with an independent writer or even a publisher. Why not make money on it?

Something is in the air indeed.

Smells like Victory!!!