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Menendez CNN Lies

Bob Menendez is caught lying to CNN

We applaud CNN for asking an obvious question.  They asked Menendez if he did anything to help "Dr. Youngblood".  And this was Bob's lie:


I have always advocated for issues and I have advocated for policies, and that's what I have done across the board


Robert Menendez knows that was a lie.  He certainly could not have forgotten the series of letters sent to his office, and phone calls, from the business across the street from his office on Bergen Avenue in Jersey City.  Robert, don't you remember the small business that approached you with evidence of corruption in the portion of the DOJ that held lawyers seeking jobs in the private sector?

All of those government lawyers making barely over $100K per year in the office of the U.S. Trustee - not so secretly hoping to score a partnership in a BigLaw firm - with well over $2 Million per year.  Let's see - $136K versus $2,250K .... Yes, one year as a partner would get these lawyers as much money, or more, as their entire career had.  What a difficult position for such a government lawyer.  Should they take part in dismembering the illicit goose which mints the golden dream jobs, or merely ignore the bankruptcy fraud by hedge funds and their hired crooked lawyers with a chance at scoring their own jackpot.  Tough decision for some, quite easy for so many others.

Robert did not advocate for any issue in this case, or for any policy that was congruent with the Constitution or any honorable oath.  

No Robert, you didn't.  Don't you remember in 2005 telling your staff to call the Jersey City police on the local small business employees who merely wanted to await your return?  And don't you know that even though there was no arrest made, there is an incident report in the J.C. computer systems.  Don't you know that any journalist can piece together the call from your office to the Journal Square P.D.?

Yeah Bob, it's another crime of yours.  Abuse of civil rights under Color Of Law.  You aided and abetted Organized Crime.  You, just like Eliot Spitzer.  This Menendez Scandal of yours is more than just a Prostitution Scandal - it is your connection to the Neo-Mafia.

But didn't Organized Crime know all about you?  Haven't they tended to your special yearnings time and again, all these years?