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The Godfather III

Those Crazy Catholic Thugs
  Italian-American Mafia Exploitation Series as Pretext for Corruption Revelation

The Godfather series was perhaps one of the best of the media's implementations of a meme establishing racial ethnic boundaries on organized crime.   On its surface, the establishment of Italian American persons as the face of organized crime transcended notions of racial and ethnic justice, "innocent until proven guilty", as well as any factual analysis of the perpetrators of the greatest crimes.  For who wouldn't define greatest as being "largest dollar amount"?
Could they have been too self-obsessed to present a simpler story line to the American public - that elements of the DOJ & Judiciary are inherently intertwined in the workings of Organized Crime?

So before we castigate Mario Puzo for contributing to the racial mess that defines the utter failures of the DOJ (and the media) to identify and attack the greatest organized crime elements destroying our Nation, we need to understand that Puzo's work climaxed in a literary device which should form the key to saving the country from financial and civil collapse.  BankruptcyMisconduct transmutates the following from Wikipedia:

The Godfather Part III   a 1990 American crime film metaphor, a type of analogy - closely related to other rhetorical figures of speech that achieve their effects via association, comparison or resemblance including allegory, hyperbole, and simile.

What?  American film as art ... as having deep meaning?  Surely it could not be possible that writers Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola had something more to say than merely to engage in the simple commercial venture of yet another mafia shoot 'em up film.   Would they have been too afraid to just come out and say what they had to say about the DOJ?  Could they have been too self-obsessed to present a simple explanation to the American public, that elements of the DOJ & Judiciary are inherently intertwined in the workings of Organized Crime?  Damn those Italians either way. 

But seriously, folks.  Let's take a look at the progression of The Godfather series.  We know where it started, with Michael Corleone as a war hero who risked his life for our country.  We were to accept the storyline as realistic.  It is only in the climax of the series (Godfather III) that we are presented with the Catholic Church as being directly involved in organized crime.  To be sure, there has always been an underlying current of anti-Catholicism in the creation and distribution of the Italian mob genre such as The Godfather, The Sopranos, and so forth.  Truth is, the media have long tried to establish in the minds of the public (a/k/a voters) that certain minorities, such as Italian Americans, are to blame for the problems in their community.  In fact, Paramount promoted "The Godfather as the first Italian Mob drama made by Italians."  In fact, Francis Ford Coppola was an unproven director who may have only received permission to direct the film due to his Italian heritage.

Catholic Bashing Provides Cover for the True Meaning Behind Godfather Series Climax

So how does such a serious film trilogy, built by talents that at least now in retrospect must be acknowledged as great, end in such absurdity?  While they parlayed the existing ethnic stereotype and religious intolerance to great acclaim, and financial success, in the first two films, Puzo and Coppola must not be underestimated.  The leap from plausible fiction to the implausible amplifies not just ethnic intolerance, but the religious to an extreme.  Methinks they doth bash too much.   To be "genuine" bashing...

Could it be that the Catholic Church in The Godfather Part III  was a metaphor?  For the Judeo-Christian U.S.A. - the DOJ and the Judiciary are the most holy in the "church of justice".  And as anyone who has ever read a legal brief knows, lawyers explicitly write that they "pray" for the Court (capital "C") to rule in their favor.  Not much of a stretch to see the supreme powers granted the DOJ and the Judiciary as being super natural, if not merely unnatural.  Many a judge enjoys outrageous immunity even for depraved acts.  This is the Judicial Industry's equivalent of Infallibility.  Organized Crime elements within the DOJ employ the so-called notion of prosecutorial discretion to ignore crime by their relations, and target competitors / opponents for harm.

So, who has the last laugh?  After the success of the first two films, Puzo and Coppola clearly did not need the sort of massive financial boost that a formulaic III would bring.  Perchance, their parting shot was art for not just its own sake, their target supremely deserving.  Could some Italian American artists have tired of the broken record?  Could the palpable and publicly discussed concerns regarding possible repercussions to the series from actual mob members have been nothing in comparison to fears from featuring a climax which clearly outed the corruption within the DOJ?  As if Feds would ever attack anyone for political or personal reasons...

Could there ever exist Yin without Yang? 

There is massive Organized Crime in the U.S.A. and it is comprised by major elements of our financial industry in concert with their enablers in the accounting and legal industries.  No other explanation for the mushrooming financial frauds, real estate collapses, banking failures, and economic realities which the public has yet to understand.   So, could there be such massive Organized Crime as we have on the scale it is today without the assistance of self-interested moles scattered within the opaque franchise known as the Department Of Justice?  

Daddy Says "No"

Why is it that when our Nation is in its worst financial crisis ever, there is not a single incarceration, or even prosecution, of any executive of the money center banks, mortgage profiteers, and derivative scandal crooks?  Even after Sarbanes–Oxley, when any boob prosecutor could put away nearly any executive associated with the TARP / bailout grubbing failures, and their opinion letter selling lawyers & accountants.   Convictions could be obtained easily at least for falsely swearing that they maintained adequate controls via their accounting systems and proceedures.  Why did Congress write Sarbanes-Oxley if the DOJ refuses to enforce it?  How could the untold billions in equity have disappeared if these corrupt financial firms' systems were adequate?  Instead, we have self-promoting creepy perverts whose primary goal is Spitzer-esque media whoring, whilst flippantly excusing executives in the crime of making false statements to federal prosecutors about their failed banks.  The only rational explanation for the universally unpunished crimes in our Nation's unprecedented financial collapse is the pervasive corruption of our DOJ.

Consider some truths of the DOJ, a Twilight Zone where groups of top prosecutors can be abruptly fired for reasons unknown by persons unknown.  Where Fed prosecutor alumni go on to commit crimes such as money laundering, protecting prostitution rings, witness tampering and murder, and fraud upon the court regarding hidden conflict of interest.

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