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Officers Hiding

USA Today ! reports that Leonard Boyle , a director at the FBI, has disclosed that law enforcement officers at the State and local levels fail to notify the FBI during or after encounters with terrorist suspects. Up to 10 times per day, law enforcement officers fail to report electronic alerts triggered by routine computer searches of suspect names against terrorist watchlists.

Here are some amazing quotes:

State and local police officers fail to notify federal authorities about encounters with possible terrorism suspects up to 10 times a day, a senior FBI official said.

Darrel Stephens, former president of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, said the compliance rate suggests that some officers intentionally do not contact federal authorities. Others may not respond because of workload pressures and the time required to contact the center, he said.

Let's think about this for a moment.

The FBI is getting dist'ed by police officers not bothering to notify when they receive an alert for a terrorism suspect.

Are we supposed to believe that the FBI is getting proper notification by officers of the court (lawyers, judges, trustees, DOJ officials) as to bankruptcy fraud suspects (especially bankruptcy lawyers, private trustees, and DOJ officials with financial ties to the above) ? ? ? ?

If the FBI knows that they are being ignored 10 times per day with respect to the thankfully few acts of terrorism, how many times per day does the FBI estimate they are being ignored with respect to bankruptcy fraud, bankruptcy rings, organized crime involving public companies and the bankruptcy process?

Which of the following two scenarios is more likely:

1. A cop refers a terrorist suspect to the FBI?
2. A lawyer rats on another lawyer for making a false declaration, statement, or promise to defraud creditors in a bankruptcy case?

Apparantly, the FBI is aware of some problems with #1 - that is 10 problems every day. Readers of bankruptcyMisconduct.com are aware of a number of bankruptcy cases where lawyers file false declarations in a bankruptcy case in order to obtain fees paid by the estate while defrauding all other creditors and parties in interest with the information which would allow them to object to their statutorialy prohibited representation of conflicted parties.

A false declaration is bankruptcy fraud.

The law is simple and clear: there need not be any proven favoritism due to the conflict of interest on behalf of any client proven in order for every witnessing officer of the court court to be duty bound to refer (see also title 18 U.S.C. section 3057) and for the FBI to have a matter to investigate for prosecution. But if anyone did want to look at some cases with clear favoritism which could enable the federal government to ease the national financial crisis through astounding RICO fines - why not look at cases such as Worldcom , eToys, Aureal?

When are the FBI and DOJ going to open their eyes and take action against the bankruptcy rings whose unfettered operations have resulted in the every spiralling phenomenon of extreme modern corporate malfeasance and fraud which brought us Leslie Fay, Enron, Worldcom, eToys, the "Sub-Prime" Crisis, the demise of Bear Stearns, the demise (still in process) of Eliot Spitzer, the unfolding national financial catastrophe encompassing many financial institutions - the fall of the dollar - and inflation?.

Yes, Virginia, they are all connected to the vast BigLaw organized crime network operating as bankruptcy rings.