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Teflon Jon

They call him the Teflon Jon, a man so crooked and yet so connected.  Truely Untouchable.  Who else could be caught so red-handed, in a crime so-simple, a dirty get rich quick attemp so-stupid, and to secretly play his stay-out-of-jail card to government prosecutors so-corrupted.

The crime was simple indeed:

If we just ''borrow' customer money and bet it at the roulette table - we could win billions.  And if we loose, it's not our money and we'll never be punished.
Corzine just ain't that bright.  In fact, his failed scheme has been tried by crooked low lifes in high offices for as long as currencies have concentrated wealth and power into the hands of a trusted few.  And yes, Corzine was entrusted with the fiduciary obligation to protect many little guys, many small farmers and businesses.  We see some Federal officials on the ball, doing there job, as they initiated litigation against Crooked Corzine:


It has long been a cornerstone of customer protection laws that a commodity futures broker ("FCM"), known as a futures commission merchant, must at all times segregate customer funds intended for futures trading on U.S. exchanges and may never use these cutomer funds for the FCM's own purposes.

In this case, MF Global Inc., an FCM with deficient systems and controls, on the brink of failure and in desperate need of cash to survive, invaded its customer funds and violated these fundamanetal customer protections on a scale never previously seen in the U.S. futures markets, harming thousands of people.

Jon Corzine, the Chief Executive Officer ("CEO"), is legally responsible for MF Global's misuse of customer money.

Readers of BankruptcyMisconduct should take heart in knowing that there exist some Feds that can figure out the villains behind the outrageous crime in our modern day financial system, people not afraid to call a spade a spade, even someone as powerful as Jon Corzine.  But alas, the U.S.A. proves itself once again to be a banana republic.  Connected members of the elite organized crime family escape any punishment, or even an even handed analysis by a mainstream media whose reporters are for sale like so many tired hookers at a sad overseas whore house.

Corzine in the Neo-Mafia, a/k/a "Connected"

This is simple crime, people.  This is massive crime.  This is a massive cover-up.  We should all realize, that if Corzine's bet the house trick had worked, he would have kept all of the winnings and we would never have learned of the dirty deeds.  What did happen is that Corzine bet wrong at the roulette table, and he was caught gambling with other peoples' money, to whom he owed strict fiduciary obligations.  He violated those obligations, breaking numerous criminal laws. 

And a cadre of federal employees will have the dubious honor of enjoying their generous federal health care and pensions, for as long as the house of cards lasts, all the while wondering who among their superiors traded their sure convictions of the MF Global criminals, and for what quid pro quo.