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NFL "beats" ABA

The NFL is More Honorable than Lawyers

What does it say when the National Football League stands head and shoulders above the legal systems of New York State and the Federal Government when it comes to spousal abuse, the conduct of judges, the corruption of prosecutors, and the public trust?  Andrew Cuomo went out of his way to orchestrate the cover up the wife beating crimes of a judge who would allow the illegitimate distribution of billions of dollars to undeserving foreign parties, and BankruptcyMisconduct believes that a Federal Special Prosecutor could uncover relations existing between these foreign interests and Cuomo's associations.

Professor Lisa Smith of Brooklyn Law workin' it hard fo' the money

Even recognizing the controversy regarding Ray Rice's domestic abuse and the leagues criticized response, the sad truth is that the NFL holds itself to a much higher standard than the Federal Judiciary, the New York Bar Association, and Governor Andrew Cuomo - all of whom did their best to cover up the wife beating crimes of a Federal Bankruptcy Judge James Peck.  This Judge later went on to distribute Billions of dollars in the Lehman Bankruptcy to a foreign bank, perhaps as a Quid Pro Quo for having the charges dropped.

Now we have a litany of neo-Advocates who pretend to actually care about Spousal Abuse.  The Ray Rice controversy underscores the hypocrisy of the main stream media:. 

The truth is that Ray Rice is a young talented and hard working black athlete, while Judge James Peck & Andrew Cuomo are both old white men lawyers with immense power over the rest of us.   Cuomo has repeatedly violated his oaths for their self interest, sadly including the protection of a wife beater.

What does it say when a Federal Judge is caught red handed beating his wife, he admits as much to responding police officers, and then Andrew Cuomo as NY Attorney General conspires with New York City corrupt officials like Cyrus Vance to cover up Peck's crimes?

We find it absurd that when a successful young black man like Ray Rice makes a mistake, there are countless media whores (yes, that is the appropriate word) acting like they care about women.  Take Professor Lisa Smith from Brooklyn Law who pretends to be working for the Violence Against Women Task Force.  BankruptcyMisconduct can confidently say that Lisa Smith is an opportunist, and just like the sleaziest of ambulance chasing lawyers, she parlays the misfortune of others into a personal business of profiteering.  We can only pray for her soul, and that the evil that motivates her is replaced with genuine caring.  We won't forgive Lisa Smith for failing to file bar complaints about women abusing lawyers like Judge Peck, Eliot Spitzer, Andrew Cuomo, and others featured on this site.  We can only suggest that she gives back the hundreds of thousands of dollars she makes pretending to care, when she is really just part of the cover-up.

Why didn't you care about the Judge's wife who was treated at a NYC hospital?  Beyond her wounds, why wouldn't you be concerned about the obvious role of corruption, quid pro quo, and the necessary favor that must be repaid by such a judge as the determination of billions of dollars is made?  Could it be that you are part of media that is for sale, where truth is sold for money, and you were incentivized to ignore Spitzer & Cuomo's crime family conduct just as you earn money selling ads by muck racking against successful young black men.

Racism is a big deal when it suits the main stream media, but when it's part of their own business model, not so much.