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Diplomat Vs Terrorist

What Decisions Does the DOJ make to Protect Us and punish Criminals?

A good question, indeed. Loretta Lynch is tasked with answering that question every day, as she determines which staff to give raises to, and which to demote, or outright fire. Well, Loretta gave a raise to #PreetBharara, the pervert who had a #CavitySearch performed on a foreign #Diplomat from India, which is an ally of the U.S. You might wonder what crime was so severe that Devyani Khobragade required here cavities below the belt be invaded, probed, and examined. Not by her doctor, or any doctor, but by Bharara's "right hand man" so to speak.

DOJ #CavitySearch on #Diplomat but not a #Terrorist


Alleged crime by a Diplomat with immunity:
"We're going in !!!" ... and laugh it off when she leaves the country.
Undisputed crime by a Muslim Woman arriving via countries linked to Terrorism:
"We'll look the other way" ... and that is our DOJ!

The alleged crime, is an alleged false statement on a visa application for one of her staff, another foreigner from India, whose job was to provide child care for Ms. Khobragade so that she could work as a diplomat. Preet went "all in" on his unique and narrow minded view (for which Preet has been spanked before, but we digress) that the official duties of a Diplomat don't include NY State law as to minimum wage, even if the payee is also a foreigner working in offices of a foreign nation performing tasks which enable the Diplomat to do her Diplomatic work. Of course, it makes sense to a man like Preet, that a woman's work should be done by the woman, and thus every woman diplomat is required to perform her own childcare. Preet Bharara also thinks that Male Diplomats are protected by immunity when they hire prostitutes, run red lights, park illegally, and even murder. But child care payments which are below the minumum wage because free room and board in a Manhattan mansion can't be included as part of the base must be pursued. Let's ignore how many DOJ, Congressional, and Judicial citizens have employed people off the books and so forth, because for Preet and Loretta, Devyanni was just too delicious to restrain themselves.

At the same time, this very same DOJ thinks it is a good idea to ignore crimes on Visa applications of a Muslim Woman, coming from countries with a history of #Terrorism. Loretta Lynch could have arrested Tashfeen Malik for the blatant crime of a false address. No rocket science involved, it ain't just FedEx and UPS, even the post office and little Mom and Pop eBay sellers can identify a fake address with today's software. Where there is smoke there is fire, Malik needed to hide the truth about who she was and where she was from. Being a possible terrorist is just not high enough an issue to attract any effort by the DOJ. To be fair, the DOJ probably would have done something if they'd known more. It's not like Malik was a #HedgeFund manager whereby the DOJ would go out of its way to ignore referrals, protect them at all costs! The DOJ just doesn't get the fact that #HedgeCrimesMatter and #WhiteCrimesMatter. Getting good jobs for their family, or themselves after leaving the DOJ, is the only thing that matters.

#QuidProQuo and #LookTheOtherWay is the Fed Lawyer #RetirementMultiplier