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DOJ "Aids Fraud"

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"It appears that the watchdog needs watchdogging," Judge Fitzgerald said.

This federal judge was referring to the congressionally mandated role of the U.S. Department Of Justice (DOJ) to insure the honest conduct of parties in bankruptcy proceedings, including the actions of bankruptcy professionals.

We have received preliminary reports that a federal judge found that the conduct of certain attorneys employed by the Department Of Justice aided fraud. We have not determined whether the attorneys who assisted the fraudulent activity were private practise lawyers hired by the Department Of Justice, some sort of junior or probationary employees within the DOJ, or fully empowered DOJ attorneys. We are trying to determine the identities of the parties involved, and the criminal and employment consequences to these individuals. Unfortunately, DOJ compliance with the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) appears short of the good faith efforts Congress intended.

If you have information regarding:

  • criminal referrals related to the fraud
  • resulting criminal proceedings related to the fraud
  • official DOJ plan and response related to the reexamination of all other matters including investigations, prosecutions, and declined prosecutions which were handled or supervised by the same DOJ Attorneys who were found by the Court to have aided fraud in the "Asbestos Ring" matters.
  • Please forward information to bankruptcyMisconduct.com ASAP so that our initial coverage can be as complete as possible. We will make our best efforts to maintain the confidentiality of informants as allowed by law. We continue to accept anonymous eMails.

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