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Revolving Door Feds
Our Revolving Door is not personal, it's just business.
We will be able to understand our nation's sad financial collapse once we face up to the revolving door game that has been played by countless lawyers whose oaths were treated like a bargaining chip at Tony Soprano's lap dance club.  (Not to be confused with the Hot Lap Dance Club owned by bankruptcy lawyer Lou Posner, the protected relation of Eliot Spitzer former NY Attorney General and Governor.)

Yes, Virginia, there is a Revolving Door
SEC and DOJ lawyers work within a corrupted system.  The corruption is the sinister link between government regulation and enforcement by the same lawyers who pass through the revolving door into private practice.  Countless Fed Lawyers have seen their investigations, pursuit of tips, and honest efforts sabotaged and negated by mole members of the legal profession's dark and dirty Neo-Mafia.  Sorry to upset the timid, but organized crime ain't just a bunch of Italian names in New York.  The largest crimes in our country are obvious financial crimes done over and over again by the same crime families, and they continue to get away with it.
Corrupted government lawyers turn a blind eye to corruption.  Corrupted senior management at the DOJ and SEC are effective in protecting their peeps.

Go ahead, look up the public information on how much an SEC lawyer, or a lawyer at the office of the U.S. Trustee, gets paid.  Look at how much the senior management of the SEC and DOJ get paid.
Partners at many bankruptcy law firms make over $2 million dollars per year.  Hedge Fund professionals make even more.  So why would we think it's a good idea to let the lawyers in charge of financial crime enforcement seek to be hired by the same firms engaged in the criminal conduct?