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Larren's Wild Side
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mark Your Calendars!!!!

We're going to unveil an action packed feature of Larren Nashelsky and his Walk on the Wild Side!!

Toobin says that MoFo Larren Nashelsky is the Mo he wants to Fo

CNN's Jeff Toobin tries to get a handle on the significance of upcoming content to be featured in 2021 on BankruptcyMisconduct.com:

As an official, and well paid, Legal Analist at CNN - it's refreshing to see a BigLaw leader stand up for the Diversity in sexuality, mores, alternative lifestyles, alternative gender expressions, and alternative morals. We should applaud Larren Nasheslky ...  and I will myself,  in just a few moments.
- Jeff Toobin

BankruptcyMisconduct lends no credence to the rumors that Larren was either ordered, or otherwise agreed under the terms of some settlement, to grow that new scruffy 'almost' beard of his.  Just because Morrison Foerster is at the forefront of the corporate manifestation of the 'woke mind' virus doesn't mean that everyone there who has White Male Lineage is held to different standards and payout ratios.  Especially for those in management who profit on the dislocation of effort & productivity vis a vis funds flowing to the top of the pyramid or elsewhere.  White Males are only just one of the demographics within the sugar walls of Misogyny Foerster who are manipulated into forfeiting an ever expanding portion of the lives and potential happiness just to feed senior equity types.  We won't rehash the mansplaining already done so well on our oft vandalized Kasowitz Benson Torres page.  Anyone who feels ripped off as a junior lawyer or fake equity partner ought to get some perspective there.  Then again, if Abortion in order to perpetuate the luxurious lives of the spouses of senior equity is your thing, don't bother.

So really, it doesn't matter "why" Larren sprouted his post mid-life beard - Let's just say it's a good thing. If having even just a little bit of facial hair is enough for Nashelsky to remember to keep his hands & eccentric comments to himself ... then who are we to argue with success?  So while we are abandoned to speculate on the cause, at least we can guess a more likely scenario that it was one or more of Larren Nashelsky's medical advisors behind the move, quite possibly merely a recommendation.

And what a transformation. Or perhaps, series of transformations. First, it's just a change of wardrobe.  Cause if you've got it, only a fool would not flaunt it.  Ain't no MoFo gonna lock their love away behind a lock and key.  Then a simple breast reduction to make things a little more feminine.

Sometimes too much is Just Enough


Now the hair.  Too risky to try anything on the face.  Look what happened to MJ, Madonna, and Donna.  Baby steps first, eventually with a marvelous transmogrification. (spell check be damned!) Or perhaps, series of transformations.

Is it his latent wild side getting in front of his BigLaw Management responsibilities - or perhaps a MoFo DemiseWish from Hell

Let's not forget to cast the appropriate shame upon those you who harbor ill will towards alternative peoples.  Gender is the prime wedge used by traditional Racist Institutions to separate, disenfranchise & subjugate.  Shame upon BigLaw, the most fervent profiteers of White Privilege on the planet.  Make room for some big Diversity. Big as in supra thunderous Larrendiferous primal hunks.  So you can shove your Fake Diversity.  Only the genuine jetsam will be embraced by those whose spiel is periodic Fraud Upon The Court.


stay tuned for more of this art extravaganza!!!