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Bed Sheets, Kleenex & Hookers

It is just too funny how some people are just not believing that a bankruptcy lawyer was simultaneously involved in organized crime. The Hot Lap Dance Club thrived under the massively corrupt nose of Eliot Spitzer. Maybe, just maybe, the general public will wake up to the fact that organized crime has hijacked our Federal Bankruptcy Court system as they cleanse the misdeeds of criminals and divert large sums towards their associates.

Can anyone take a guess why a Manhattan Bankruptcy Lawyer known as Lou "Big Daddy" Posner was able to escape any sort of arrest and prosecution while Eliot Spitzer was the chief NY prosecutor in the office of Attorney General? Maybe a quick read about Paul Bergrin, Esq. and his prostitution ring connection to Eliot Spitzer will help you figure things out.

Bed Sheets, Kleenex & Hookers ... Oh My!

Watch the full video of the arrest over at nypost.com and you'll see for yourself how Louis J. Posner, Esquire's Hot Lap Dance Palace had storage cabinets with several shelves of sheets, kleenex, and such. You might be surprised at the large number of young women in their underwear, or that over $500,000 in cash was found.

Spitzered Bed LinensDirty bankruptcy lawyers clean up goodSome of the women at the NYPD's bust

Of course Lou Posner is a dirty bankruptcy lawyer and involved in organized crime. But that is the key, he is connected after all. Just because Eliot Spitzer is not still in power to protect the ongoing operation of his business doesn't mean that Posner's associates in organized crime don't have control of many Judges and other officials. The carrot & the stick, money & extortion.

This man has more rights than ordinary citizens, and more Hookers

Hey Whoopie Goldberg - is this Prostitution Prostitution? We know how you want to cut some slack for rapists who are connected like Roman Polanski. Do you and your club of rich neo-feminists want to explain how it's OK for Russian women to be abused when it's by organized crime associated with Eliot Spitzer?