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Routine Illegality


New Study Accuses Bankruptcy Judges Of Routine Illegality

Thanks to all of you loyal readers of BankruptcyMisconduct.com, and those of you who have contributed so much in the form of tips, documents, links, and moral support.

We apologize, on behalf of the nation, to all of you who have been abused by the corrupt and wealthy criminals who have corrupted their public offices, under Color Of Law, for the benefit of their financial and family relations. Sadly, this is organized crime which has infiltrated public service.
We are sorry that our efforts at enlightening the public, so justly angry with the outrageous financial crisis threatening our Nation, as to the fundamental cause - The Corruption of our Justice System - has been so painfully slow.

Please forgive our meager effort and stand with us as we continue the fight. And let's rejoice that Academia and major media are finally getting it:

Nathan Koppel at the Wall Street Journal get's it as he reports on a study by Lynn LoPucki and Joseph Doherty which shows that: judges routinely allow illegal fee practices in public-company bankruptcies.

BankruptcyMisconduct.com has mention Professor LoPucki as we referenced his book Courting Failure - How Competition for Big Cases Is Corrupting the Bankruptcy Courts available here on Amazon.

Professors LoPucki and Doherty are like Galileo as they dare to stand up in favor of truth against a religious hegemony perched high atop a pyramid of lies and fraud. You are great Americans.

The LoPucki & Doherty study is available at

To those of you involved with the corruption of our legal system:

Take heed to the sounds of the first cracks in the Titanic hull in which you now precariously float. There are only a few life boats available to your organized crime family cohorts. If you wait until the water is at your heals, you will have missed your chance to cut a deal. The obvious frauds upon the Court - a crime not subject to any statute of limitation - with which you were involved will inevitably surface before a Federal Special Prosecutor.

Do you want to be safe, or do you want to gamble your house, retirement, and childrens' college funds and watch one of your colleagues steal your chance at immunity? Just as we've been reporting, the Great Purge is already beginning. It is time that you write some CYA letters. Your safest bet is to simultaneously inform the Feds, some Legislators, and some new & old media site of the violations you know about. Hold onto a copy yourself as your safe way out.