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Paul Bergrin & Eliot Spitzer

Update 2013

Paul W. Bergrin was found guilty on all counts! Murder Witness Tampering Prostitution Read the press release.

Too bad for Paul that he didn't have the Spitzer Family connections, and knowledge about who profited from all those Little Playmate Coolers


Paul Bergrin, Esquire and Eliot Spitzer, #9 are both formerly State Prosecutors and U.S. Attorneys within the U.S. Department of Justice.
Paul Bergrin and Eliot Spitzer are two fallen former prosecutors of the DOJ
But these two DOJ alumnae share even more in common. Read about the direct crime family linkages between Spitzer and Bergrin.
Connections among Paul Bergrin, Eliot Spitzer, Ashley Dupre, and Jason Itzler

Eliot Spitzer paid for prostitution services with one or more hookers who worked for Jason Itzler, who at first was perhaps just a client of Paul Bergrin. Once Itzler went to prison, Bergrin took over Itzler's prostitution ring and since plead guilty himself.

Both of these traitors to their oaths were involved in organized crime. One was married to Barbara, the other to Silda. They both had "women" on the side, notwithstanding age and profession. One difference: the Spitzer family has much more money to 'buy' prosecutorial discretion.

Paul W. Bergrin is facing a murder charge in connection with the killing of a witness against one of his former drug dealing clients. There have been no public charges of murder against Eliot Spitzer, though there was the purported suicide of a retired state trooper who had been on official duty during the time when Eliot Spitzer was using taxpayer dollars to travel across state lines and meet with prostitutes. (see the Mann Act).

Did Eliot Spitzer rat out Bergrin to get out of his Client #9 troubles? Who else would the Spitzers throw under the bus?


To those "outer ring" New York / New Jersey licensed attorney Neo-Mafia participants:

Yes, we know life is not fair. You're only making a declining six figures as an associate lawyer but your senior partners are pulling down well into seven figures. You saw the dirt. Guess whose ass will be thrown under the bus when Spitzer's tattle tales prompt prosecutors towards your dirty law firm?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Would you rather be hiring criminal lawyers hoping for a chance at "ZERO" or would you rather get whistle-blower protection$ and a lucrative book deal and speaking engagement career?