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DOJ Fox Guards Henhouse

Sadly, there is a large amount of content here on #BankruptcyMisconduct about evil, disloyal, and sloth-like lawyers within our so-called Department of "Justice". This is just our header page where we introduce you to a few of our #DOJ related items, some pagesare general issues, and some pages are about specific DOJ employees where are embarrassments to their oaths. You can click on any of the issues listed on our "DOJ sub menu" that is listed on the right hand side of this page.

Our newest page is about the lunacy whereby the DOJ sees it appropriate to have a foreign Diplomat, who holds immunity, arrested and Cavity Searched over a supposed falsehood on an immigration form as to the wage paid to her foreign staff member performing child care duties. Yet this very same DOJ gives a free pass to a Muslim Terrorist woman who gave a fictitious address on her Visa application. The terrorist who gunned down 30 or so people in California.

Here are some pages devoted to specific DOJ lawyers:

Two new items on our shameful DOJ coming soon!

  • BankruptcyMisconduct will introduce have a new free download (available here) where a Federal Judge sadly concludes that DOJ Lawyers engaged in Fraud Upon The Court!
  • A damning book exposing the illegality at the DOJ entitled Licensed to Lie was authored by Sidney Powell, herself a former DOJ lawyer.