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Grave Dancer gets Trampled

Lewis B. Freeman was the GraveDancer who profited heavily as an estate professional in the bankruptcy industry.  Then we find reported in the ABA Law Journal:

A big time Florida attorney, who specialized in bankruptcy liquidations, was raided by the FBI.  

The gravedancer Lewis B. Freeman

Which angle do we look at on this one?

 There will be many angles to the Lewis Freeman story that will not be covered by BigMedia.

We must remember that traditional media operations are business entities controlled by real people and they have real interests that compete with the theoretical utopian model of Journalism.  Let us not be too surprised if we find that traditional media is protective of, or subservient to, the entrenched powers of the industry comprising organized law.

As the problems worsened for Lewis Freeman, he closed down his firm Lewis B. Freeman & Partners.


Where there is smoke, there is fire.


Let's take a step back and look at this picture.  This lawyer, who was often appointed the important and powerful role of court appointed receiver in numerous cases, was "trusted" by many federal and state judges.  Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that fellow Lawyers and business interests in his professions have publicly professed shock at the allegations against him.

 But are we now to believe that the lawyer / business interest involved in the clean up of so many frauds was himself operating a corrupt enterprise?  Assuming the allegations have a basis:

  • For how many years or decades was Freeman's operations corrupt?
  • How many fellow lawyers & judges shared in the corruption?

                                    and ..........
  • How much of Freeman's long history of operations will be re-examined for corruption? 
        We suspect none!