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Stephen J. Brogan

Stephen J. Brogan burst himself upon the pages of BankruptcyMisconduct as he directed his firm Jones Day to "catch the falling knife". Brogan's short sighted greed compelled him to embrace the detritus from the Hennigan Bennett & Dorman and immediately following Dewey LeBoeuf collapses. So let's be clear: We are talking about Bruce Bennett and his Bankruptcy Bamboozlers. We are talking about some #DirtyLawyers who haven woven a number of hedge funds into a web of undeniable #ConflictOfInterest violations. (Is it too early for us to say #Oaktree & #HowardMarks?)
What lays in store for Jones Day and their Crooked Chief

Hey Stephen - the lyric is to catch a falling star, not a knife. And you sure as hell don't want to put it in your pocket!

And now we have this page showing an association between Stephen Brogan and human kidney trading. We'll leave it to Mr. Brogan and his hired public relations goons to give their opinions as to how indirect, inconsequentially pecuniary, or even unfair this perceived link between him and the undeniably true, illicit and ghastly human kidneys for sale transplant business in the New York area.

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