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SONICblue's Irish Neo-Mafia "O'Tools"

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Happy St. Patrick's Day, and top of the morning to ya!Dirty Irish Lawyers and Law Firms involved in SONICblue organized crimes

In SONICblue, organized crime committed by a cabal of lawyers is laid bare for the public to see. Crime and cover-up was used by one Irish lawyer to try to extort undeserved favorable treatment in the millions of dollars. In true shameful form we find the crime of Fraud Upon the Court by an entire law firm protected by brethren criminals. Only an independent claims trader & capitalist had the balls to force the lawyers to answer questions under oath, resulting in the revelation of the organized conspiracy and attempted extortion.


'Tis true one must be quite very sleazy and corrupt of a bankruptcy lawyer when one of your own slaps you around like this:


Read how Ron Oliner belatedly did his duty, and then some, as be bitch-slaps Sue Uhland in Profiles in Dishonesty

Ron Oliner b-slaps Uhland

Suzzanne Uhland : To Rat Or Not To Rat