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Abortion Foerster E-mail

Had Morrison Forced-Her to get an Abortion?

The Star of Legally Blonde questions BigLaw-s not so subtle embrace of Abortion as a Revenue Stabilizer

Kind of Ironic that Diversity is heralded at Morrison Foerster, when their de facto funding and instigation of Abortion is having the opposite effect. Ethnic Cleansing within BigLaw is grotesque

Larren Nashelsky as your Santa-Pimp for Morrison Foerster asking his Ho why she gotta have a baby when them hours need her attention

Interesting play on words, but the wealth of contect blooming on the intersection of Morrison & Foerster and the subject of Abortion has grown like you'd expect cheap mushrooms in a dank dark basement deeply covered in MoFo's #FakeDiversity dung. When #PregnancyDiscrimination is embraced as a fundamental cog in the de facto ethnic cleansing by the executive committee favoring their progeny vis a vis the lesser #WomenInLaw, who've been transmogrified into barren "Worker Bees", then we know Feminism has been fully raped.

Mr Burns & Morrison Foerster know that Abortion is the ticket to tricking #WomenInLaw into Abortion for #RevenueStabilization


And so we have a page to celebrate the ugliness of Larren Nashelsky's #BigLaw firm getting sued by a class action of #WomenInLaw for #PregnancyDiscrimination and a claimed punitive #MommyTrack penalty for women who dare to give birth and become parents. Isn't that a perk reserved for the men rulling the executive committee? (Pretty much all #WhiteMale old farts, but we'll hold off on the #Racism angle of #MisogynyFoerster till another time)