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Abortion Foerster E-mail

Had Morrison Forced-Her to get an Abortion?

Mr Burns & Morrison Foerster know that Abortion is the ticket to tricking #WomenInLaw into Abortion for #RevenueStabilization

Interesting play on words, but the wealth of contect blooming on the intersection of Morrison & Foerster and the subject of Abortion has grown like you'd expect cheap mushrooms in a dank dark basement deeply covered in MoFo's #FakeDiversity dung.

Larren Nashelsky as your Santa-Pimp for Morrison Foerster asking his Ho why she gotta have a baby when them hours need her attention

The Star of Legally Blonde questions BigLaw's not so subtle embrace of Abortion as a Revenue Stabilizer

And so we have a page to celebrate the ugliness of Larren Nashelsky's #BigLaw firm getting sued by a class action of #WomenInLaw for #PregnancyDiscrimination and a claimed punitive #MommyTrack penalty for women who dare to give birth and become parents. Isn't that a perk reserved for the men rulling the executive committee? (Pretty much all #WhiteMale old farts, but we'll hold off on the #Racism angle of #MisogynyFoerster till another time)