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Eric Holder

During the last 100 years, the U.S. Attorney General who has best exemplified the machinations of our Department of Justice is non other than Eric Holder.

Wake Up and Smell the Self Serving Implementation of Justice

Regular readers of BankruptcyMisconduct have long known that the DOJ is saddled with an inner cadre of oath violating posers - government lawyers whose true loyalties lie with their compatriots in the Neo-Mafia.

Tip of the DOJ's Ice-Berg

The "unsinkable" Titanic was sunk by an Ice-Berg.  The mushrooming scandals casting a spotlight on the inept, and at times corrupt, DOJ - is proving to be a terrifying threat to the financial criminals that had been operating "Above The Law" whilst protected by their moles.  Yes, dirty lawyers at the DOJ - with financial ties to organized crime - protected their brethren!  Dirty lawyers associated with BigLaw firms deeply woven in todays massive Wall Street and Banking frauds, Bankruptcy Rings, the largest crimes in the history of the nation.  These crimes affect everyone, our financial systems, our money supply, the strength of our currency, our fundamental freedom at risk!

 Most Americans have failed to realize that the largest, most profitable, and most insidious component of organized crime in the U.S. is not merely a few Italian-Americans as depicted in The Godfather and The Sopranos.

The truth, not surprising to those who have witnessed the evil gatekeepers of our "Justice System" first hand, is that large law firms with a few related lawyers in powerful positions at the DOJ, the SEC, along with some corrupt Judges on the bench, represent the greatest threat to our Nation's freedom and existence.

Neo-Mafia: "Turn On Your Lovelight"

To be sure, the lawyers who flip-flop through the revolving door between multi-million dollar per year law firm positions and DOJ lawyers trading prosecutorial discretion for "fun and profit" would prefer that the media's attention to their illicit trade remained under the radar.  But Eric Holder is ushering in a new age, a new day, a retrospection and forward looking "Sunlight".  Dirty government lawyers are just now starting to simmer on the front burners, splash of olive oil and a touch of garlic.  All due respect to the Italian Palates, but let's be real here.  The public knows how this will play out.

So You're a DOJ Lawyer Pondering Simple Game Theory

You're too small, not connected enough to escape certain punishment for even the most blatant criminal conduct, like the money laundering Eliot Spitzer.  You were either trying to build your "favor network" for a cushy jump to multi-million dollar private practise, for yourself or spouse or other family member.   Maybe you just didn't realize the dark side of the government "Work" force.  It really doesn't matter, because at this point the game is played differently than your law school textbooks describe.  Better look up some first semester game theory, because your junior pawn-like ass could be put in play at any moment.  Don't expect to get any warning.  You see - you need to make your Uhland Decision in advance.  Once a higher up - behind the scenes of course - has thrown you under the bus as a sacraficial lamb it will be too late.

There are two things you need to do.  First, there is only one tried and true method to keep the target cross-hairs off of you: Inform against the main culprits so that the stage is set.  Remember, they are thinking of doing the same against you - or perhaps already started.  Second, leak the dirt to the media.

Then again, if you'd prefer to stay quiet, be a soldier for the cause.  Then do nothing.  Let the problems rise when you are unprepared, perhaps when you least expect it - perhaps in the middle of other personal or family matters.  Because you can either call the shots, or be sold down the river.