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Bob Menendez Implosion Watch

Menendez Indicted

Thanks to all the Feds working behind the scenes, reviewing materials from BankruptcyMisconduct, and holding Justice above the lure of easy Quid Pro Quo revolving door employment. And to our readers, we promise there is more to come... Do we think that Menendez will cut a deal and rat out some hedge funds?

Feds To File Criminal Charges against Menendez

Senator Bob Menendez Pedophilia Cover Up by ABC News Martha Raddatz

Just two years earlier, in late January 2013, BankruptcyMisconduct sagely predicts the demise of the powerful influence of Bob Menendez with the boldly entitled Bob Menendez Implosion Watch. Like many times before, we were denigrated for "slinging mud" upon the illustrious public service of a great man. And here were are having come full circle once again proven sagely stalwart against corruption. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but just like the recidivist oath and conflict violating lawyer scum we routinely identify, we've nailed another powerful politician. Yes, this web site uniquely presaged the downfall of Eliot Spitzer (former USDA, NYAG, NYG & longtime money laundering organized crime member) who ignored certified letters evidencing death threat advice by counsel in re: WorldCom. And don't forget our unique and similarly bold prediction of the demise of Dewey LeBoeuf, as well as the informing against management by disgruntled lawyers within. And what a small world it is, as we've already reported (and will expound on further soon) a very major contributor to BankruptcyMisconduct, along with a co-worker, were personally threatened by Jersey City Police at the specific direction of employees of the Jersey City office of Senator Robert Menendez. We will provide yet another warning to the lower level players on the buy side, sell side, and their attorney facilitators/collaborators, in the context of non-legal advice: Cover your ass now! Send letters and memos, then seek a deal. Better to get a book deal, than an extended sentence. Heck, we might take this paragraph and rework it into a new page ...




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Senator Bob Menendez
and his Pedophilia Prostitution Corruption Scandal:


Our Initial Coverage was as Follows:

Like you, we just learned that Family Man Menendez likes Underage Prostitutes.

Senator Bob Menendez Underage Prostitutes

Robert Menendez, known by the young girls as Bob, became a Senator having been appointed to fill the corrupt seat of Jon Corzine, the crook who stole millions in client funds to gamble on "sure thing" bets made on sovereign (foreign government issued) bonds. Had Corzine "won", you know he would have kept the winnings. But since he lost, he let countless small investors bear the loss for him. Then Corzine lied to Congress as he claimed he didn't know about the crimes. Noone punished. Prosecutorial Corruption...

Bob Menedez rose on corruption, following in the footsteps of corrupt lawyer politicians, acting like a Spitzer. Bob Menendez was in power all the while human kidneys were illegally sold to rich people while crooked Doctors, Hospitals, and lawyers all profited from this illicit organ trade thriving in New Jersey.

But what else should we expect by a slime ball who uses registered sex offenders for his political campaign:

On December 12, 2012 it was reported that the Senator's office had an unpaid intern volunteering who had let his visitor visa expire and who was a registered sex offender. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had been aware of the man as early as October 2012 but according to the Associated Press, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) instructed federal agents not to arrest the man until after Election Day.

BankruptcyMisconduct has more to say about the corrupt reign Bob Menendez. In fact, Bob Menendez has the filth of the corrupt bankruptcy industry on his hands. Please Stay Tuned!