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Bed Bath & Beyond

BankruptcyMisconduct is going out on a limb, again.  We are calling the impending Chapter 11 filing for the public company Bed Bath & Beyond.

All Dollars Matter except when you are a Woke tool of financially destructive Socialistic Ideologies or just want to Short BBBY till it files Chapter 11

Long story short (puns intended for our sofisticated readers, dawg) there is an obvious trend in the USA of Pension Funds converting their valuable assets into expenditures of dubious merit and undeniable result.  Fund assets are being converted into the pointless funding of political correctness movements.  The so-called "woke" ideology has been weaponized into a value destruction tool.  Why?  Well that's a harder question and an answer might enrage adherents to one of today's violent de facto religious movements.  So we'll take a pass on that.  But let's summarize that ESG and it's related anti-American radical ideologies are destructive to wealth.

Why do so many pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and other fiduciaries embrace religious / ideological fads that harm their fiduciary beneficiaries?

Hmmmm could it be ...