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Spitzer & the Neo-Mafia
We Demand The Appointment Of A Special Prosecutor:
To Investigate Eliot Spitzer's Long Reign of Abuse of Prosecutorial Discretion and his Failures To Pursue Organized Crime Involving his Associates.

Every action of Eliot Spitzer as a prosecutor is necessarily called into question.

Every failure to act by Eliot Spitzer is even more suspicious and must be investigated.

The power to ignore a crime, the power to allow a family of Organized Crime to operate without government intervention, is the single most valuable power anyone can hold over an economy. By failing to prosecute organized crime, a prosecutor grants monopoly profit power, an amazing subsidy of the criminal organization financed by taxpayers. Clearly, Spitzer allowed at least one Prostitution Ring to thrive while intentionally failing in his duty to turn them in and prosecute them. (Eliot Spitzer made another big lie when called his criminal conduct "personal failings":his duty was to turn them in, and he engage in further crime by Title 18 U.S.C. section 1004 Misprision of Felony.)

Don't let Spitzer and his Neo-Mafia family members of the media spin the truth here: Spitzer was caught having business with and protecting Organized Crime.

We need a special prosecutor to examine Spitzer's conduct as prosecutor and every failure to prosecute his Neo-Mafia brethren.

This partnership with and protection of Organized Crime by Eliot Spitzer is the one supreme significance of the initial stages of the Federal financial investigation. We can not allow the investigation of Spitzer to be cut short merely because Spitzer eventually resigned as Governor of New York.

Given the years of double standards, one for lawyers and corporations and another for the people, we have learned not to be too surprised by most of the outrageous elements of the portion of Eliot Spitzer's conduct which has been revealed so far:

  • There is no surprise that Eliot Spitzer was a corrupt prosecutor and attorney general.
    The corrupt nature of Eliot Spitzer was reported before his election to Governor of New York by bankruptcyMisconduct.com in a November 2006 press release which revealed a specific example of his abuse of prosecutorial discretion when protecting his associates in the Neo-Mafia.

  • Some may find it a surprise that the Feds who uncovered Spitzer's crimes did not quietly bury them again.
    We do not find it surprising that there exist proud public servants who honor their sworn oaths to the Constitution of the United States and ignore implicit and explicit threats to themselves, their careers, and their families as they tenaciously expose and eliminate corruption.

  • Some may find it a surprise that Eliot Spitzer had the chutzpah to withold his resignation, holding the people of the State Of New York hostage as he selfishly sought a no-prosecution deal.
    But readers of bankruptcyMisconduct.com are learning that Mr. Spitzer's expectation that as a former DOJ employee he should hold immunity from Federal investigation and prosecution was reasonable and appropriate in light of such de facto policy established by the highest levels of our DOJ.

  • Some may find it a surprise that a man who held extraordinary wealth, who pursued and then attained great fame, would then deem himself above the law and above morality.
    That Eliot achieved his fame through as a prosecutor at the Federal and highest State levels strike some as ironic. At the same time, other ordinary citizens with an awareness of the pervasiveness of government corruption, merely see it as the explanation.

  • Some may find it a surprise, or at least offensive, that Eliot Spitzer would pay a hooker more money for 8 hours of services than he allowed a struggling single mother of four on public assistance to receive over the course of a year to cloth, feed, and educate young citizens.
    Eliot Spitzer simply believes that the sexual services he receives from a 19 year old prostitute over the course of a few hours are far more valuable than the efforts of a single mother raising her children.

  • There is no surprise that Spitzer had close friends who ran hedge funds, and used the name of at least one of them, George Fox of Titan Advisors, LLC, as cover when booking a hotel.
    There is no better "pro" to lie for you than a hedge fund manager: the capo of unregulated money funds for the super-rich and the Neo-Mafia.

  • There is no surprise that hedge funds would be connected with corruption of government officials.

  • The great surprise which the media, pundits, and politicians should be talking about:

    Eliot Spitzer was in bed with organized crime

    ... and thus

    All Official Conduct Of Spitzer Is Suspect And Must Be Investigated

    No rational person could imagine that one day, Eliot Spitzer decided to login into a prostitution website, or that Eliot walked blindly into some whore house:

    "Hi, I would like your services. One problem: I am Eliot Spitzer and would be recognized by anyone who sees me in your prostitution ring so please just informally assure me that your peeps will keep this private"

    Yeah, right. Consider who the man was, his experience, and the actions he performed as a prosecutor. This man was a Federal prosecutor, was New York's Attorney General, the most senior law enforcement officer of the State of New York, this man undertook bold and radical prosecutions never before seen, Governor of the State of New York. Eliot Spitzer himself prosecuted organized crime including prostitution rings

    None of us can believe that Spitzer just decided one day to check out the Emperors Club. We know better. None of us can honestly believe that Spitzer could think he would not be immediately recognized and blackmailed, unless... Spitzer was dealing with an organized crime family that he trusted.

    We already know that Eliot Spitzer had an "intimate relationship" and trust with this one Prostitution Ring, only an ostrich could not see that Spitzer would have connections with relations of this Prostitution Ring, that the prositution ring was merely one branch of the Neo-Mafia.

    A Special Prosecutor Must Be Appointed To Investigate Spitzer's Legacy Of Protectionism of his Organized Crime Relations

  • Eliot Spitzer has a Prostitution Ring all over his face.
  • Eliot Spitzer has the crimes of Worldcom all over his face.
  • Eliot Spitzer provided safe harbor to a Bankruptcy Ring.
  • Eliot Spitzer provided safe harbor to the Asbestos Ring .
  • Eliot Spitzer provided safe harbor to a Bar Association Ring .
  • Eliot Spitzer was a corrupt public official owned by the Neo-Mafia.
  • Eliot Spitzer attacked the competitors and opponents of his Neo-Mafia brethren under Color Of Law.

  • Every action of Eliot Spitzer as a prosecutor is necessarily called into question.

    Every failure to act by Eliot Spitzer is even more suspicious and must be investigated.

    Corruption 101:

    The single most powerful element of corruption by a government official is having the discretion to ignore misconduct or crime. The explicit commission of crime by a public official is too risky, there are too many eyes watching, the public generally won't allow a criminal to stay in office.
    By illustration, let's consider an unfortunate example of some corrupt police officers (thankfully there are not many). These corrupt police officers don't sell cocaine, they merely allow it to happen and look the other way in the face of it.

    Similarly, Corrupt prosecutors don't necessarily take direct part in organized crime, there merely allow it to occur. Another example of ostrich corruption could exist at the Securities And Exchange Commission. Corrupt SEC officials don't themselves fail to file required reports, or file fraudulent reports on behalf of a public company - they merely look the other way in the face of it.

    Corruption evolves in many industries because most industries approach efficiency and it is difficult to amass the extreme fortunes held by people like Eliot Spitzer's family. But there is no shortage of people who have uncontrollable urges to attain such wealth. Thus clever minds (not necessarily brilliant) endowed with moralistic relativism figure out a way.

    The Neo-Mafia has engineered the perfect business model to enable them to produced outsized profits than their otherwise un-extraordinary talents would allow in a free marketplace. They cheat. They engage in crime. The phrase "Crime doesn't pay" only holds when the Law Enforcement and Judicial segments of society are not related to the particular criminal element in question.

    For example, the huge incomes of $2Million dollars per year for partners at bankruptcy law firms exceed rational explanation under a free market equilibrium, given they are only paid by the hour and place no capital at risk. We see fortunes emerge out of the strangest places, just as we see corruption when our heads are not thrust into the sand.

    The Neo-Mafia gains control, also known as "ownership", of corrupt officials through a variety of mechansisms. Being related to them through any sort of affiliation, paying them money, providing future employment upon their exit from public service, having prior business relationships with them, or providing special services for them such as prostitution. When providing special services for corrupt politicians, the Neo-Mafia holds dirt on the officials which allow organized crime to engage in ever bolder and greater crimes against society like we see in the era of modern corporate malfeasance with Enron, Worldcom and the so called "sub-prime" credit crisis. Favorite forms of dirt which gives the Neo-Mafia the tightest control over public officials includes things like child pornography , attempted pedophelia with a 5 year old girl or the example of a boy pedophilia ring. Thus, the Neo-Mafia gets control over Law Enforcement and the Judiciary by catering to their sexual perversions and holding same over their heads. When such public officials are caught, sometimes as a result of their failures to accomodate the demands of the Neo-Mafia, their crimes are given scant attention by the mainstream media and elected officials. The truth is, all actions and inactions of such corrupt public officials need to be re-examined by a special prosecutor.