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Soprano Suicide Deja Vu

"Dead Men Tell No Tales"

Another Whistleblower (actual suspected attempted or predicted) Bites The Dust

  • Yet another person who makes great efforts to repeatedly notify the world that he is "Not Suicidal" is found dead.  So there is a press release by the Arizona Department of Public Safety as they also employed one of their spokespersons by the name of Bart Graves. Now, we don't want to give Mr. Graves any grief for having a name that sounds made up.  It's his story that sounds made up.  For example, it's reported that Mr. Graves "Confirmed" that Isaac Kappy "forced himself" off of a bridge and onto a roadway and was struck by a truck and killed, at that time, by the truck.  Really kind of remarkable that Arizona gets to save all of that Detective & Coroner big ticket employee money to figure out cause and time of death.  Way to save the taxpayers money there Mr. Bart Graves!  Oh, but there is more.  Bart Graves also "Confirms" that Isaac Kappy was an actor 'who had small roles in movies such as "Thor," "Terminator Salvation" and "Beerfest."' So taxpayers won't have to read page 6 - because Bart Graves confirmed Isaac's work in Hollywood.  Strangely enough, Bart Graves had zero clue as to why Isaac Kappy would have killed himself, if he did. The State of Arizona also had nothing to say about the revelations of Pedophelia among Hollywood elite as expressed by Isaac Kappy on a number of occasions.  Clearly not, because Isaac Kappy strenuously asserted that he would not kill himself, and that he was NOT suicidal in conjunction with several discussions where he revealed the names of influential Hollywood Pedophiles.

  • Former Quality Manager at Boeing named John Barnett who became a whistleblower about Boeing's unsafe safety skimping practices and did NOT commit suicide. No, John Barnett was suicided for the perceived good of the giant Military Contractor.  But this comes as no big surprise, in fact Mr. Barnett has the prescience to notify friends that his Mega powerful former employer Boeing might retaliate by killing him, and using a fake suicide as the cover up. "He wasn't concerned about safety because I asked him," Jennifer said. "I said, 'Aren't you scared?' And he said, 'No, I ain't scared, but if anything happens to me, it's not suicide.'"  Well, what's $69 Billion of market cap disappearing in 3 months among friends?  The only industry with organized crime is Gambling, oh and the fish markets, oh and the garbage business.  Because every other business, as well as deep state governments and fake prosecutor offices is totally on the up and up.  You, like trade unions and especially public employee unions.  So big defense contractor types like Boeing would never do anything underhanded, like having dark programs which use Alien technology and criminally lie by omission in a series of SEC filings.  (An irrefutable RICO predicate, but we digress).  No, there has never been cannibalism in the British Royal Navy.  And John Barnett was not murdered by anyone affiliated with Boeing, nor anyone with a financial interest in BA stock.

    The Fake suicide of Jeffrey Epstein is very fake death like of Moshe Gerstein - Very Bruce Karsh and Oaktree if you think about it quietly to yourself

  • Please allow BankruptcyMisconduct.com to 'Splain it to you thusly: Everybody's favorite connected Pedophile and international trafficker in the fresh-young flavor favors - Jeffrey Epstein - most certainly did NOT kill himself. In fact, and independent Pathologist found Epstein death was a homicide by strangulation. And thankfully, our Nation of fake news battered citizens knows that to be the case. Yet countless insiders positioned to protect elite Pedophiles are allowed to ignore the findings of renowned Coroner Dr. Baden. Perchance the public will develop a certain sense that Mr. Epstein is not so unique.  Not just as far as being a pedophile, but as far as being suicided. That is not to say the Jeffrey Epstein didn't deserve to be sent to Hell, just pointing out that his death is the very definition of a fake suicide, so clumsy and obvious at that. To be sure, many victims of Fake Suicide are not evil, they are innocent, they just have the misfortune of being in the way of the type of Organized Crime that our fake news media is happy to hide, and shamefully protects.

    How many rich peeps breathed a sigh of relief once the Fake Suicide of Jeffrey Epstein
    was annointed as 'truth' by the Fake-News Media and our Fake Justice revolving door apparatus?

    Before Jeffrey Epstein did NOT kill himself - he got tons of aging rich people laid with hot young things

  • More instances of witnesses against public corruption supposedly committing suicide. They were murdered to keep them quiet, also known as #Suiciding or getting #Suicided. Apparently they did not comprehend their own "Doug-Pick" thinly veiled death threat warnings. Thing is, if you know too much and the higher ups merely suspect you're gonna talk, you're likely to have an accident or a "suicide" of your own. Fact is, many suicides are in truth murders. (And some murders, like that of Jack Wheeler, were really just a failed suiciding).

  • Gina Hutchinson, who was raped by Keith Raniere when she was 15 and was approached by investigators and expected to fill out a form was found with a gunshot to the head.  The "investigators" who found the dead body of Ms. Hutchinson didn't know, or learn, of her having been raped by the man who is now serving a life sentence for sex trafficking, racketeering and child porn.  So there is no surprise that her death was ruled a suicide. Nothing to see here, just proof that at least the suicided woman knew that Keith knew she was part of an investigation against him, and that he did not like it. It's what normal people clearly can see as motive. Investigators only make so much money, targets can be quite the union salary multiplier. But that prior sentence is just a random comment, and the media news never works for crooks ... right.
  • Yet another Fake Suicide hides yet another murder

  • Shawn Lucas, the young Lawyer who served #DebbieWassermanSchultz and the #DNC with the lawsuit charging fraud in their conduct of the Democrat Primary, shows up dead in his own bathroom. An odd thing about Suiciding is that sometimes the "beneficiaries" of the act are in a rush, so there isn't sufficient time to set up the "story" of the death as a suicide, and thus we list Shawn Lucas as a victim of untimely otherwise unexplained death coincidentally occurring contemporaneously with a battle against a bunch of lawyers alleged to have been disloyal to their official roles and instead succumbing to the selfish temptation of #ConflictOfInterest. As a witness to this death, and the "failed robbery" of #SethRich we can only say that the Inextricably Intertwined web between #HillaryClinton and dirty #HedgeFunds & WallStreet Banks is yet another coincidence.

  • Now in the 2016 Presidential race, a whistleblower about Bill Clinton and the Clinton Family Sexual Assault Counter Smear / Disaster Recovery Team is sadly anticipating getting Suicided.

  • Sally Miller, the former Miss Arkansas, believes that she might be killed and the murder made to look like a suicide. The risk of being suicided is high because our media is extremely quick to report such deaths exactly as the powerful Neo-Mafia tells them to do. Maybe if you owed money, or got lap dances, hookers & coke from affiliates, you'd dutifully report the "news" as suggested. And don't be so self-righteous, it's tough out there for a reporter, always having to interview rich people and see how they live from close up. What's wrong with some media execs and writers trying to score some wealth pay doing favors?

    Here is the real skinny:

  • Gary Berwick , the recently retired NY State Trooper who was involved with the security detail for Eliot Spitzer , did not commit suicide as the media so quickly and dutifully reported like in this absurdity:
    Berwick hanged himself with a rope that apparently broke, with his body falling to the floor, according to the source.
    Yeah... Right... the rope broke. ... then how did he get choked to death? Could we at least get CSI on the scene? The dirty insiders didn't even try to make it look like a real suicide. They want the other Troopers to get the message and stay quiet. Berwick's wife had another explanation of her husband's death:
    A State Police source said Berwick's wife, Maggie, blamed her husband's longtime employer for his death when police officers first arrived at her home. "When the SP [State Police] showed up, she started saying something to the effect, 'You guys are responsible for this,' although when people she knew arrived it all cooled down," the source said.
    - the New York Post
    Hey people, this guy was retired and collecting a fat New York pension. So consider an al arguendo look at this so-called suicide, a basic "what if" analysis. Did Berwick stand to lose anything as Spitzer's organized crime involvement became public? Simple answer is NO. Right or wrong, the law says that once you retire your pension can't be touched, even if it was proven that a retired government employee had been involved with crimes. If there is anyone who understands this, it would have to be a cop.

    Suicide? - because Eliot Spitzer was exposed? No way. But let's just think for a minute, who would be really pissed at Berwick? The only thing that makes sense is that Berwick's death eliminated the best witness that could testify against Spitzer's use of New York State taxpayer funds to travel across state lines and meet with prostitutes, on a fairly regular basis. Or at least on Saint Valentine's Day. Gary Berwick stood to make millions more on top of his pension, all he had to do was have a ghost writer pen the book about Spitzer's strange orders. Who do you think would be most likely to talk about getting a lawyer: a suicidal person, a whistleblower, or a recipient of a subpoena?
    "Gary was concerned about an investigation of what had gone on with Spitzer and the prostitutes and he talked about getting a lawyer to represent him," said a source close to Berwick.
    - the New York Post
  • The DC Madam did not commit suicide as the main stream media is reporting. In fact, she even predicted that she would be killed and it would be made to look like a suicide. Hmmmm.... Corruption of public officials, prostitutes in D.C., death threats ... Eliot Spitzer come to mind? Watch the Video!!! As reported in The New York Times by Patrick J. Lyons - many voices in cyberspace called suicide either highly suspicious or an outright fake. Read the article by Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet entitled Overwhelming Evidence Points To Murder Of DC Madam. See also the highly analytical piece by David Martin, loaded with insight, entitled The Improbability of the D.C. Madam's Suicide.

  • Moshe Gerstein This guy shows up dead in Mexico City. So far, this hasn't been ruled a suiciding, but there is sooo much dirt at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher that we believe Moshe was murdered to keep him quiet. Moshe Gerstein was caught trading kiddie porn, and it seems he was "precluded" from trading anecdotes for a reduced sentence. We wonder ... did Gerstein's perversion serve any dual purpose - was he funneling "content" to like-minded DOJ or Judiciary pervs?

    Does Fake Suicide include instances of Fake Death?

    Everybody knows that Jeffrey Epstein did NOT kill himself

  • Gibson Dunn & Crutcher

  • Loreto T. Tersigni, the bankruptcy professional who was involved in nearly all of the Asbestos cases and conveniently died as fraud by one or more of the mega case debtor estate professionals began to surface, most certainly died an unnatural death. As if Loreto could have engaged in wholesale fraud on his own, as if L. Tersigni was not under pressure to pay a quid pro quo to other estate professionals (most likely via crime family members). So the official story that we are supposed to believe is that after years of being the fraud expert used by the SEC and many mega case bankruptcies, that Loreto just went bad just once. You know how those Italian Americans are. And we are supposed to believe that no other professional was in cahoots, that noone but Loreto was dirty. That Loreto just happened to die and take his secrets with him...
  • There is a chemical called Scopolamine or devil's breath which can be administered to anybody, which puts them into a dreamlike state - after which the person will write down anything instructed. It's a great tool for the Neo-Mafia when it's time for someone to get suicided.
  • Cynthia Wachenheim is reported to have penned a 13 page suicide note before jumping eight floors to her death, with her baby strapped to her chest. How about the "rest of the story"? Cynthia was valedictorian of her school and graduated from Columbia Law, not the kind of background of your average looney tune that wouldn't recognize in herself the signs of mental illness in order to save her child. Well, surprise She worked "for more than 15 years doing research and writing for judges" in one of the most corrupt courts of New York State, if not the nation. Wouldn't it have been just a matter of time for Cynthia to discover that one of her bosses was corrupt? Could she have been too naive to understand that she was not supposed to "help" certain judges understand the complete picture of certain cases? BankruptcyMisconduct is deeply saddened for the Wachenheim family, and the child in particular. And while we certainly can't claim to know the full truth here, we are highly skeptical of the story reported by the same commercial media which dutifully covers up the organized crime involvement of Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo. There is a chemical Scopolamine or devil's breath which can be administered to anybody, which puts them into a dreamlike state - after which the person will write down anything instructed. This looks like a homicide to BankruptcyMisconduct, given Cynthia's proximity to a hotbed of organized crime and court corruption. We very highly doubt that a proper toxicology test, and preservation of evidence, was undertaken for this deceased government lawyer who was formerly deeply involved, we suspect unwittingly or against her own will, in the inner workings of a corrupt money machine.
  • Sean Hoare, the whistle blower of the British phone hacking scandal, did not take his own life. He had far too many enemies for them to let him die a natural death. And yet...
    "the police said that they were not treating the death as a suspicious one"

    To be sure, many in power in England blame Sean for ruining their lives, including a number of police some of whom had to resign from top good paying positions. So this is just another one of those "coincidences". How convenient.
  • The model Ruslana Sergeyevna Korshunova most certainly did not commit suicide as the dominant commercial (i.e. "truth for sale") media are reporting. She was a victim of the Russian Mafia in the U.S. which supplied prostitutes to powerful govermnet officials like Eliot Spitzer and lawyers who ran Prostitution Rings like Lou Posner, and authorized tax officials like Mark Brener. Once again, an innocent women are sacrificed at the altar which worships corrupt power and money as supreme as the main stream media remains dutifully silent.

  • Marty Lackner was the brother of the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Minnesota James Lackner and was connected to the Petters conglomerate frauds. We are now supposed to believe that Martin E. Lackner and the DOJ suspect no foul play in the purported suicide of his brother Martin E. Lackner notwithstanding the billion dollar Ponzi scheme and related frauds? Don't mind if we don't!
  • David Kellermann, CFO of organized crime controlled mortgage ponzi scheme giant Freddie Mac was murdered. But the cover up calls it a suicide. He originally was a low level pawn in the enterprise and then learned too much but would not play along and follow the directions of the lawyers fronting for the organized crime families to continue the cover up of the long running fraud. Mr. Kellermann was caught between the investigation by the Feds and a bunch of suits. So he was killed.
  • Mark I. Levy of the BigLaw firm Kilpatrick Stockton was murdered. But the cover up calls it a suicide. The immediate claim of "suicide" leaks were purchased by the organized crime elements who wanted to continue the cover up of the longstanding corruption at the DOJ which included the tenure of Mark Levy as head of the DOJ's civil division. Apparantly an investigation of certain "anomolies" by DOJ employees and alumnae caused some organized crime families to get nervous. Then again, maybe Mark had cut a deal.
  • _________________

    As Simon says: "Sorry".

    The sad truth is we've got some corruption so deep it is a wilder story than an episode of "Law & Order". We aren't suprised that ball players take steroids. But truth is stranger than fiction. How about the unreported truth of large law firms regularly violating the law by filing false sworn affidavits as they engage in Bankruptcy Rings, a form of organized crime just as illegal as a prostitution ring, but with a lot more money involved. Of course, a prostitution ring has always been a useful tool in the arsenal of organized crime families to buy, bribe, seduce & extort other lawyers, officials, law enforcement, claims agents, state bar officials, zoning board officials, or even the Judiciary. Communist Russia used prostitutes for decades to turn lonely Marine guards, ambassidors, and foreign agents. Are we supposed to be so naive that we couldn't imagine our own domestic mafia would use sexy young women to corrupt Law Enforcement, the Judiciary, the Media, or other public officials? Would you sacrifice your marriage , or would you succumb to the easy path of silence?

    The corruption goes deep into federal and state law enforcement, but they are a minority, and at point they get sloppy as they attempt to protect each other.

    The echoes of Enron, Worldcom, eToys , Global Crossing, and the Asbestos Ring won't be going away any time soon.

    ... unfortunately, and undoubtedly, there will be more whistleblower deaths to report ...