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The Second Fraud

A Ponzipalooza

BankruptcyMisconduct.com applauds this documentary which explicitly describes judicial corruption in our bankruptcy courts involving The Peters Company bankruptcy case - a Ponzi scheme which funded the assembly of a conglomerate. As with many bankruptcy cases, a headless fee pot develops and a lawyer positions himself in charge of a ton of money with no control or transparency by those parties who deserve the funds. Incidentally, we believe that Doug Kelly, Esq. is degenerate and dishonorable. As usual, we are not surprised to see that the clear existence of criminal malfeasance within the company pre-petition does not result in a complete criminal investigation and prosecution of all complicit parties, but is instead used as an obfuscating shield under which corrupt lawyers and bankruptcy professionals loot the corporate carcass. The Peters Company Inc., with affiliates, certainly owned significant assets with real value.

Do you think this value was distributed to lawful creditors and victims ... or was it yet another swindle on the playing fields of our murky bankruptcy courts? It's called corruption, diversion, and the U.S. Mega Case Bankruptcy Industry.

Scheming members of the Neo-Mafia have been doubting the coming catharsis which dares to threaten their business model whose foundation is judicial corruption. But the voices of truth grow louder, stronger, and now with an awesome documentary.

Note to all of you lawyers who have seen the dirt from the inside but to date have failed your oaths to report misconduct and crime by your (more profitable) brethren lawyers. The veil which cloaked the organized crime families which practised Mega Case Bankruptcy Law with corrupt impunity is disintegrating as new media transcends the Neo-Mafia's control of the main stream media. The clock is ticking and My Cousin Vinny ain't gonna drive down from Brooklyn to save you. The window of opportunity to inform or testify against the senior partners may have already closed.

The issue is not the unseemly actions of ordinary people struggling aboard a sinking life raft. Remember, we are talking about those lawyers you've been billing for all of these years. Good luck ... you'll need it.

Here is the Web Site and the movie poster below for "The Second Fraud" documentary:

The Second Fraud - A documentary of the bankruptcy court corruption involving The Petters Company