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Solyndra, that new green dream darling of President Obama, files for Chapter 11. But, not until after getting over half a BILLION dollars in government backing for loans made by certain hedge funds. This means that certain hedge funds who actually made the loans will get the full amount of their half billion dollar invesment back into their pockets and unfortunately instead it will be taxpayers suffering this extraordinary loss.

No Bankruptcy Misconduct here, move along please.

Solyndra logo bankruptcy misconduct

In the history of U.S. Capitalism, has there been a quicker conversion of such a huge investment down to 0 in such a short period of time? And now we are getting that bonus piece of cherry on top - non other than Judge Mary F. Walrath, queen of countless investor fleecings (wrongdoers unpunished of course) in cases from eToys to WaMu will preside over the cover up we call the bankruptcy Crime Scrub Shuffle.

Yes, once again the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, a place nearly as sophisticated (if not logical) as Joe Biden, is granted great powers to divert moneys towards the "most deserving hedge" fund du jour at the continuing expense of our collapsing financial system.

This wouldn't be politics in America if the FBI didn't get involved on this one. Thus we see cases upon cases of documents loaded onto FBI trucks for their 'non-partisan' investigation.

As the Solyndra onion is pealed, we can only wonder what will we might see:


At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. Not because the Solyndra investment is just an obvious quid pro quo from Obama to supporters who have given money just as the blatant violation of well settled bankruptcy law in the General Motors case.

It doesn't matter because a half a billion dollars of investor loss is nothing in comparison to the government sanctioned and protected thievery which takes place annually in Delaware. How are we supposed to get upset at the likely blind eye taken by Walrath and the dirty bankruptcy lawyer league at misconduct in Solyndra when the overt government participation in incontrovertible bankruptcy fraud like in the eToys case has yet to be addressed?