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Uhland Walking

Sin Tax ... Se Man Tax
Suzzanne Uhland intertwined with Bruce Bennett and Dewey LeBoeuf team in SONICblue misconduct

The goat walked past the Court fell.

Dear Ms. Suzzane Uhland:

BankruptcyMisconduct invites you to bring your special skills and perspective to answer the stubborn questions on the above:

  • Is it right or wrong?
  • Dost thou yearn to re-jigger words into a more comfortable truth?
  • Doth Misprision beget Ms. Prison?
  • When, if ever, will these pestering questions subside?

  • And what student of the English language could avoid Shakespeare's playful juggling with matters of dishonesty, guilt, confession, and remorse? Please enjoy the following analysis of The Bard which compares and contrasts such themes, coincidentally intertwined with the unpleasant reality upon which some hedge funds and their lawyer ilk ghastly feed:


    It blackens Claudius irrevocably because it shows him, in a moment of absolute candor, considering a radical change in his life yet ultimately unable to give up what he has already gained by murder, seduction, and coercive court politics. The searing honesty of his soliloquy is clarified by contrast with Henry V's prayer on the eve of Agincourt (Henry V 4.1.287-303), in which an ingrained habit of self-fashioning before human beings becomes a shuffling (to borrow Claudius's term [3.3.61]) before God as well. Only by relying on an audience's belief in the possibility of honest repentance and a radical change of life can Shakespeare clarify not only Claudius's spiritual peril and desperate failure but the reality of Hamlet's situation as well.

    - excerpted (emphasis added) from "Hamlet in Purgatory" by John D. Cox

    Should Suzzanne Uhland Inform & Testify against the SONICblue Co-Conspirators?

    Suzzanne Uhland : To Rat Or Not To Rat