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Bankruptcy Pimp Disbarred

Louis J. Posner "Big Daddy" Disbarred

Read all about it here in our "News & Notable" free download secion, the bankruptcy lawyer who ran the Hot Lap Dance Club with impunity right under the massive nose of Eliot Spitzer was finally disbarred. Big Daddy Lou laundered his profits through a fraudulent charity, just like the organized crime family in New Jersey which was involved with bankruptcy fraud and human kidney smuggling.

It is a challenge for ordinary citizens to comprehend the racially motivated hatred, bigotry, and birthright entitlement which motivates and justifies 'educated' lawyers like Louis J. Posner & Eliot Spitzer to profit on the slave trade in young Russian sex slaves. Sadly, it is relatively easy for BankruptcyMisconduct readers to understand how pinkish white boys like Posner and Spitzer get off in the face of obvious racketeering crimes including money laundering, tax evasion, and the international sexual slave trade.

Excuse us for being perhaps a bit too politically correct, but why is Barry Bonds facing criminal charges? Why was Li'l Kim (that's "Little Kim" for you cadmium white Dancing With The Stars fans) incarcerated for not ratting someone else out? Even Martha Stewart has done time on a $40K stock trade when Posner & Spitzer were involved with long running multi-million dollar organized crime business which included money laundering and associated tax evasion.

OK, Posner takes a slap on the wrist and gets disbarred, but no prison time. Maybe prosecutors felt that if Big Daddy had to sleap with the Mrs."Big Daddy" that would be punishment enough. But what about ordinary citizens who lack such lowbrow sentiments and would prefer a fair honest services from our prosecutors? And what does Spitzer get? A really lame TV Show. It's almost enough to make you wonder why a recently retired NY State Trooper from Spitzer's official security detail, who had a lifetime of health care and tax free pension in front of him, was found "suicided" just after Spitzer's long running association with organized crime as Client #9 surfaced. Hey Eliot, you wimpy Putz, get ready for some videos that will define your true legacy...

Eliot Spitzer is known in the public mind for a legacy that includes doing business with organized crime during his years as a pretend prosecutor and corrupt governor of New York State. Even so, the commercial media have done a great job at glossing over the many organized crime elements which profited directly from their illicit connections with Spitzer and indirectly through his degenerate abuse of Prosecutorial Discretion. And so, it was not long after Eliot Spitzer lost his ultimate power over the business of "justice" in New York that our bankruptcy lawyer, and pimp, Big Daddy Lou was arrested.

Perhaps even more of a challenge is understanding why a fib by Martha Stewart, corrected of her own volition prior to any adjudication, related to an alleged insider $40K stock trade offense results in a years incarceration. And the million dollar prostition ring that was run by the bankruptcy lawyer Louis Joseph Posner, which included false statements to police, and making fraudulent charges against the police, results in the slap on the wrist of community service and probation. While we admit that the "higher standard" myth about lawyers is a well known joke, we can barely imagine the dirt on public officials that Posner traded for his freedom.

We can only wait for the day when a Federal Special Prosecutor can make the rounds to the former (we hope) Spitzer organized crime ring and clean up the disgusting mess. Andrew Cuomo did a great job keeping things covered up even after Spitzer's dubious reign, but a new day is coming.

One lawyer disbarred is barely just a start. We need wholesale incarcerations and forfeiture of criminal enterprises. By the way, and adjudication done via a Fraud Upon The Court creates an infinitely long statute of limitations. Fraudulently withholding the names of co-conspirators in an organized crime ring is exactly such a stubborn thorn in the side of organized crime on this one. And BankruptcyMisconduct is not focused upon statements by Big Daddy. The prosecutor's office is infected by the influence of organized crime, and felony crimes ensare all who profit, aid, abet, instigate, counsels, or influences.

So read this little prologue, the disbarment and expungement of bankruptcy lawyer Louis J. Posner.