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Andrew Cuomo Ceases Law Firm Protectionism?

--- Update ---

BankruptcyMisconduct tried to stay positive, and we truly hoped that Andrew Cuomo would end some of the corruption in New York State. It just seemed so promising to read about a 100 or so lawyers caught defrauding New Yorkers. Ater the incarceration, and resulting automatic disbarments, and after the implosion of their lawfirms, it could have been the start of the catharsis so badly needed for the self serving and secret charade of self regulation of lawyers, by lawyers, in New York State.

What a lost opportunity!

In retrospect, we can't be surprised that the punishments were not close the fitting the crimes, and the abuse of power by these private practise lawyers scheming to leach off of taxpayers. And the most obvious imperative, to fix the broken self regulation scheme - which has to chutzpah to operate in secret - and gave these lawyers the confidence to engage in revolting conduct.

We get revelation after revelation of Andrew Cuomo seemingly participating in cover-up of scandal after scandal. From protecting all of the doctors, hospitals, and especially lawyers involved in setting up hundreds of illegal kidney transplants, using kidneys that were purchased against the law, to Cuomo's Ethicsgate, to the cover up for the wife beating bankruptcy judge who looked the other way while billions of dollars were looted from U.S. stockholders to benefit a foreign bank, to the cover up of racketeering and massive financial fraud by a storied NYC Biglaw firm which involved Citibank : Andrew Cuomo has a consistent record of protecting connected financial criminals.

For historical reference, our original naively optimistic outlook on the public service of Andrew Cuomo appears below:


The long standing failure to prosecute criminals, when they happen to be attorneys within BigLaw, may be at its end. Law Firm Protectionism existed in the form of an institutionalized policy whereby politically elected or appointed prosecutors simply refused to investigate or prosecute crimes on the part of their brethren members of the bar.

But a new light SAME OLD SLUDGE appears in the form of Andrew M. Cuomo

New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo has broken with tradition and is investigating More than 90 Lawyers Involved in Fraudulent Employment. Apparrantly, fraud committed by lawyers seeking employment is fraud .....

Once the Gordian Knot, which has bound prosecutors in a perverted loyalty protecting their brother lawyers transcending their oaths to the Constitution and the American public, has been undone; once Pandora's Box has been opened against BigLaw as partners and associates are thrust in play at the game of musical chairs implicating those lawyers naive enough to be the last to seek a deal; once the public appetite for schadenfreude at the downfall of lawyers has been ignited;

There is no predicting or underestimating the economic and societal affects of a radical new trend which holds lawyers to the same criminal standard as ordinary citizens.

If Martha Stewart spent time in jail, if Li'l Kim spent time in jail, if Barry Bonds was indicted, how many dozens of BigLaw partners would surely fall under an evenhanded enforcement of laws against perjury and fraud upon a court?

Perhaps Mario Cuomo's son is destined for an even greater affect on American history. Andrew Cuomo appears as a freedom fighter willing to ignore the cowardly, to cast aside the corrupting chains of intermediate McWealth and McPower, which have restrained the conduct of far too many public officials, and perhaps Cuomo will go forward to begin the dismantling of the most pervasive and significant force of organized crime in world history: The Neo-Mafia of Lawyers and BigLaw law firms operating in conjunction with their criminal clientelle amassing great fortunes as they violate RICO and commit countless mega frauds with impunity. Perhaps Mr. Cuomo will seek the appointment of a Federal Special Prosecutor to examine the decades long relationship of Eliot Spitzer to organized crime when he was a Federal prosecutor and chief N.Y. Prosecutor doing business with some prostitution rings at the same time that he put some of their competition out of business. Perhaps Andrew Cuomo will take a listen to the recorded conversation, received and buried by Spitzer in his office as then Attorney General, of the death threat made against the whistle-blower to the bankruptcy ring operating in the MCI / Worldcom case. Perhaps Mr. Cuomo will investigate the $500 Million dollar Spitzer family dynasty ostensibly earned by an immigrant in the real estate business without using any connections to organized crime such as the corrupting powers of prostitution ring affiliates targeting against zoning boards and other public officials. (Sure, Daddy Spitzer was just smarter than all natural born U.S. citizens, sure he didn't break the law.) Perhaps Mr. Cuomo will be part of the new revolution in the U.S.A. which uncovers and extinguishes the burning crimes all controlled and implemented by lawyers in business suits and destroying our nation: Sub-Prime Mortgage Fraud, Worldcom, Enron, Global Crossing, Adelphia, eToys, Bear Stearns, Nursing Home Industry, Health Care corruption, and countless more frauds, corruption, and malfeasance yet to be revealed.

These are all frauds harming our nation and fundamentally caused by and enabled by BigLaw lawyers. With scant few exceptions, the outrageously large crimes by these organized crime syndicates largely disappear in the bankruptcy courts, with the help of further neo-mafia syndicate members.