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Schuette Fears Giants

Sadly, Bill Schuette is timid and afraid. He fears the giants of crime, he fears dirty law firms (like Jones Day). He fears out of state lawyers (even though Schuette could bring Michigan's ethics enforcement upon them) who abuse Pro Hac Vice in order to loot Detroit, out of state lawyers who protect their often hidden clients, as they blatantly violate conflict of interest law and ethics rules. Bill is afraid of the big dogs.

But just as you would expect, there is nothing more "powerful" then a coward going up against a weak opponent. And so we can only laugh at Mr. Schuette as he attempts to grandstand at his absurd use of taxpayer funds to file a racketeering indictments against two people for crimes ranging from $200 to $1000 dollars.

Bill Schuette is the Giant Slayer of organized crime, as long as $200.00 RICO crime fighting "does it for you"

Earth to Marvel Action Hero Bill Schuette: Even the junior support staff at a BigLaw bankruptcy enterprise get billed out at $200 per hour and higher. The top dogs at these dirty firms bill at $1000 per hour and more. Not to mention the countless hours of faked and inflated billings, like their discovery abuse scams. The thing is, they are barred from even representing a Debtor like Detroit when there is a conflict of interest. So Mr. Schuette, you make a fool out of yourself chasing $200 crooks when there are huge organized crime players that scam on behalf of major banks, wall street firms, and hedge funds.

Seriously, there are crooked law firms caught in conflict of interest frauds upon the court, making hundreds of millions, and into billions, of illegitimate legal fees and Schuette is actually chasing $200 crooks. He is sooo out of touch - Mr. Schuette actually brags about the $200 amount on the official Attorney General website. The optics are so bad we have to laugh.

Poor Mr. Bill just flushed all of his 'Tea Party' karma down the drain, which might be a fitting metaphor. The truth is that Bill Schuette conciously chose an out of state BigLaw firm over the interests of Detroits hard working union members, as well as its citizens who could have had all the questionable banking debt cast aside. Thankfully, this is the lunacy which turns citizens off during elections.

Whether we describe Schuette's choices (#SchuettesChoice) as being along the path of complacency, sloth, greed, cowardice, or conscious corruption is not important at this point. What is important is that in any future election the people will have access to the indelible truth, that Schuette was on notice of unquestionable misconduct by Jones Day lawyers, that Schuette not only received a copy of Judge's order, he gave thanks for having received it. Oh, stay tuned for a free future download available at BankruptcyMIsconduct. And Michigan High School students might want to keep tabs on our scholarship contest page, because we feel an essay contest coming on.

Just click on the pages below to link to the actual State Of Michigan website where the optics challenged staff of Schuette are actually trying to brag about their frivolous justification for being.