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Fake Chance

Doomed From The Get Go: The Fake Chance "Given" To Detroit's Workers

A Charade To Trick Pensioneers Into Believing That They Have A Genuine Seat At The Table

Stay Tuned!!
Watch for our coming in depth explanation of why the Retiree Committee is Hamstrung The Committee was established in a modified form with the normal powers as established by Congress in Federal Law REMOVED!

We'll spell it out for you: The Jones Day lawyers have an undisputed dirty history of misconduct, including inexcusable violations of well settled Conflict Of Interest law. We believe that any lawyer in Michigan is empowered, and in the case of Bill Schuette - the obligation - to petition the courts to revoke the entire law firm's Pro Hac Vice privilege which is enabling them to appear in Michigan's court, including the Federal Bankruptcy Courts. If you are a lawyer who has violated ethical rules or laws anywhere, you can be banned from practising in any state, especially when you are an out of town firm visiting Michigan. Yes, boot the entire law firm out of Michigan, and maybe even have all their actions ruled invalid and undone at the same time. If you're a pensioneer or city worker, you should not let your lawyer receive a dime unless and until he contributes to the cause to get Jones Day booted!

The hamstrung Official Retiree Committee does not have the basic powers granted by Congress. It is hamstrung from the get go, and can't do anything to stop Jones Day or Kevyn Orr - even if they are caught red handed in crime, misconduct, conflict of interest violations, or related things that have become a part of the modern day quid pro quo Bankruptcy Mega Case Business Model.

Sure, the official committee can hire counsel. (At least that's a step better than the auto industry's bankruptcy fraudfest~ known as R.M. Taylor, but we digress. Maybe you can ask Judy Calton for some background on that conflict web till BankruptcyMisconduct gets around to it ...) But you must remember that their counsel is part of the same club, and is merely feeding off of the estate like Debtor's counsel. $20 says that the committee members will find that their counsel spends their time and energy explaining to the members "why they need to get screwed" and how "it is only fair that you loose your bargained benefits" in the Detroit bankruptcy. Sadly, it may only come at the end of the day when the members wake up to the fact that their counsel acts like their only loyalty is to support Detroit's BodySnatcher of a new boss, Orr and his Jones Day Cronies. And they'll be billing the estate the whole way.

Whenever you have industry experts, they want to play the game their way. With lawyers even worse, because they aren't fighting each other, they goad their clients into fighting as they make money on it. So the game is always rigged by the lawyers in favor of the lawyers, and to the detriment of the clients. In some cases, the only hope that a client has of getting reasonable results is to take charge, and hold their lawyer's nose to the grindstone. Make the lawyer fight for them, not for their law firm's camaraderie amongst the bankruptcy bar's top earners. If only the members had demanded that their Counsel provide them written memos (their law licenses on the line for anything in writting, it must be true and justifiable advise) explaining specific points of their choosing:

  • Why hasn't Counsel filed a complaint to the U.S. Trustee's boss about the Fake Chance Committee with the hamstrung re-write of Federal Bankruptcy Law?
  • Counsel's written opinion of the SONICblue misconduct by Jones Day lawyers, as well as other conflict of interest issues involving Jones Day and Orr
  • What has Counsel done to have the official committee reformed with the rights and powers which Congress established, and to punish the crooks who sought otherwise?
  • Counsel's written opinion of the Pro Hac Vice issues, and the Committee's ability to urge other officials to do their duty to exclude dirty lawyers from Michigan and Detroit

Opinion Is What Opinion Does

If you can sleep at night amidst the money grab for your retirement, then G-d has truely blessed you indeed. If you can imagine fellow workers crying, angry, powerless and suffering a year or so from now ... and you don't relish being the designated focal point of that grief ... then maybe you need to share the burden now.

To be sure, high dollar lawyers never want to lock horns with their bretheren. But do you see any other white night coming to the rescue? If you can sense that Orr, Jones Day, and their cadre of dirty lawyers was out to get you from the get go, then maybe you need to light a fire under the asses of anyone who can help you fight back. Be it your Counsel, the Attorney General Bill Schuette, the Governor, or by empowering your unions and fellow workers with the information that they need to fight the bad guys, now.

A Miller Cannot Grind With Water That Has Passed.
Once it's over, it will be too late!

Pray for the Powerless Pretend Retiree Committee Members:

  1. Detroit, Michigan, Retiree Sub-Chapter 98
    of the American Federation of State, County
    and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO Edward L. McNeil

  2. Michael J. Karwoski

  3. Shirley V. Lightsey

  4. Terri Renshaw

  5. Robert A. Shinske

  6. Donald Taylor

  7. Gail Wilson Turner

  8. Gail M. Wilson

  9. International Union, UAW
    Wendy Fields-Jacobs
Jones Day crooks could be banned from all courts in Michigan if only Schuette did his job re: Pro Hac Vice