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Hennigan Bennett & Dorman

Hennigan Bennett & Dorman f/k/a Hennigan Bennett a/k/a Hennigan Dorman

Ironic in retrospect that BankruptcyMisconduct never had a page like this one dedicated to this dirty law firm until after they imploded. Then again, Mr. Hennigan has long been quoted on this site. And the dirty deeds of Bruce Bennett's bankruptcy team has been noted in some of our free downloads here, not to mention otherwise on our pages.

But it just seems funny that we didn't specifically out the firm as being dirty with their own page. At least the Revised Complaint download clearly pointed out to the California Bar that the firm's own writings to their clients evidenced their blatant disregard for the California rules for avoiding Conflict Of Interest, and mandatory written informed consent and waiver thereto. In their defense, under the presumed frame of reference of a law firm as a whore for money, one might deem Oaktree Capital and their associates under Howard S. Marks to be quite compelling pimps. Howard Marks himself quite the metaphoric BSD. If you're a fan of the arts and diligent, you may even find Howard Marks playing that very role somewhere on this site.

Bruce Bennett caused the Implosion of Hennigan Bennett then trashed Dewey LeBoeuf before Jones Day dropped their standards and guard

A short little summary of the dirt on Bruce and Michael's embarrassments as to Aureal can be found here. There is sooo much more that we have said about SONICblue all over this site, and associates of Bruce Bennett's dirty modus operandus extend to other lawyers in firms like O'Melveny & Myers.

Best Description Of This Former Firm'S Dirty Lawyering

Perhaps our best description of this former firm's dirty lawyering was our first coverage of the now defunct Dewey LeBoeuf. We were surprised that D&L would hire the loose cannons from Hennigan Bennett and weren't shy about saying so, plus we started watching them closely. And we weren't surprised to hear rumors about troubles developing at Dewey Leboeuf, and quite promptly and boldly tracked the dirt on them right up through their own implosion.

A really smart lawyer like Al Gore would probably jump in here with an observation ... "Don't you reckon these lawyers make a pattern"

Bill Nye is great at spotting patterns - and Hennigan Bennett was lying to the Court like a Politician at a Rally

We apologize for including this video on this page, but we couldn't resist. Happy Holidays! ... for now ;-)


Here we are in April 2012, and the California State Bar is looking for this imploded firm.

We don't know why the CA State Bar has finally awoken about these guys, but the SONICblue case could be a factor. Read about how these guys worked waaaaay outside the box in SONICblue and Aureal. And if you've got a story to tell us about this crazy firm, or the lawyers who used to work there, join our free forum an let it rip.

How does one summarize the filthy business model of Bruce Bennett and Michael Hennigan?

The law firm that represented a client which protected pedophiles. Perhaps their mindset and morality was best defined by their slogan:

"We employ 'outside the box' strategies to end commercial disputes quickly and advantageously for our clients."

And boy did they ever ...



Hennigan Bennett & Dorman protected pedophiles and other clients as they employed their


Much more coming soon!