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Cuomo EthicsGate

The letter reprinted below was found on ethicsgate.blogspot.com

We see that Andrew Cuomo is faced with one of those 'difficult decisions' ... to do your job or to cover-up corruption.  Tough decision, indeed.  Noone wants an EthicsGate hot potato to fall into your lap.  But we clearly do not want a blatantly corrupt legal system for New York State.  And no matter how many skeletons may be lurking in Andrew Cuomo's closet of embarrassing horrors, something must be done when the fox is caught raping hens in the hen house.  In other words:


Andrew - if you ain't got the balls then beg Obama to get a Federal Special Prosecutor appointed on EthicsGate.


Letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Re: Wiretapping Judges

The letter was delivered to the Governor's Manhattan and Albany offices:

202-374-3680 tel
 202-827-9828 fax    

February 15, 2013

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo,
   Governor of New York State
NYS Captiol Building
Albany, New York 12224   [**REDACTED**]

RE: Illegal Wiretapping of Judges by The Commission on Judicial Conduct

Dear Governor Cuomo

I respectfully request that you telephone Assistant U.S. Attorney  [**REDACTED**] and ask whether there is any credible evidence in the millions of documents, currently under court seal in case # [**REDACTED**] regarding the illegal wiretapping of New York State judges and attorneys  [**REDACTED**]

I believe you will quickly confirm that certain NYS employees at the judicial and attorney “ethics” committees routinely directed such “black bag operations” by grossly and illegally abusing their access to  [**REDACTED**]

New York judges and lawyers, and obviously the public, deserve immediate action to address the widespread corruption in and about the state’s so-called “ethics” oversight entities. According, it is requested that you temporarily shut down and secure New York’s “ethics” offices and appoint, by executive order, an Ethics Commission to investigate, etc. 

Please take immediate action regarding this vital issue, and so as to continue your efforts to help all New Yorkers restore their faith in their government.   [**REDACTED**]

cc: Assistant U.S. Attorney  [**REDACTED**]
The Hon.  [**REDACTED**]