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Fabrication Tactic

Many, if not most, lawyers understand how Discovery is an essential part of Litigation, and that little details like truth and the actual history of an issue bear so heavily upon any honest adjudication.  That is not to say that some crooked lawyers don't have an even more better understanding of how to leverage 'Discovery' and a corrupted Self-Regulatory fascade as a shortcut to success.  Perchance we're just now stumbling upon the Differentiation which separates hard working lawyers for the BigLaw AmLaw100 type of beasts.

James Carville explains how #DocFabrication is technically a form of cheating and a problem if you are caught and the judge is not also Crooked

And how about a free-car to anybody who can name the corrupt, a long since self-imploded, law firm which had the chutzpah to brag publicly about their "Outside The Box" tactics?

Because nothing can help a ruling go your client's way better than fake evidence.  It's like somebody was running a truth table spreadsheet and asking one of those "what if" questions.

What if reality was different, and we had fake proof of this alternate reality.  Well, then we'd win like rock stars!

OK, all you doe-eyed freshly minted members of the bar can wiggle your panties out from their self righteous wedges. Because naiveté is only sexy on an actual virgin, and being a low paid overbilling ponzy pawn forfeits any claim to mortification.